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[Reading] ➼ Blood Oath By Linda Fairstein – Varunahuja.live
  • Kindle Edition
  • 400 pages
  • Blood Oath
  • Linda Fairstein
  • 12 October 2019

Blood OathAlex Cooper Takes On The Case Of A Young Woman Who Testified Years Earlier At A Landmark Federal Trial And Now Reveals That She Was Sexually Assaulted By A Prominent Law Enforcement Official During That Time As The Case Grows Complex, Alex, Along With NYPD Detectives Mike Chapman And Mercer Wallace, Find Themselves In Uncharted Territory Within Manhattan S Rockefeller University, A Research Institute Born Of Tragedy That Has Evolved Into A Premier Scientific Facility, Hospital, And Cornerstone Of Higher Learning But When Dark Secrets Of The Century Old Institution Intersect With Life Threatening Events, The Experience May Just Help Determine Whether Alex Will Keep Her Job, Or Throw Her Hat In The Ring To Become The Next District Attorney Of New York County If She Can Survive That Long.

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    Blood oath Definition A solemn promise to keep an agreement using each party s sense of honor or reputation to uphold the deal In the past, a blood oath required that each party make a small cut in the right hand and actually mix blood as they shook hands I have been reading and enjoying the Alexandra Cooper mystery series by Linda Fairstein for years The latest installment the 20th in the series, Blood Oath , picks up several months after the last book Deadfall ends Alex Cooper, who is a Manhattan Assistant District Attorney in the Sex Crimes Unit, is finally returning to work after a rough few months. rough personally and professionally Feeling rested and anxious to get back to work, Alex is immediately thrown into a difficult and high profile case, on that of course, has political implications Waiting in her office is a 24 year old woman names Lucy Jenner, who, after a great deal of encouragement and prodding from Alex, shares a shocking story one of sexual abuse and assault dating back to when she was a teenager nearly ten years before The person Lucy accused of perpetrating these crimes is someone Alex knows well a collegaue and prominent attorney with political aspirations And adding to the credibility of her story, Lucy displays a scar on the palm of her right hand which she explains is the result of a blood oath her rapist cajoled her into entering with him Although Lucy had a trou...

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    This is one of my favorite authors and one of my favorite series I ve been following her and reading her since 1996 with the arrival of the very first Alexandra Cooper sighting.Alexandra is back after taking off several months following the murder of her boss First day back and she s thrown right in the middle of a case that I could see as headline news today.A young woman has come forward to claim she was assaulted 10 years ago when she was just 14 years old The name of her attacker comes as a huge surprise to Alex and it s going to take some maneuvering to get this case to court.She s also dealing with one of the court judges who has warned Alex that he is divorcing his wife Alex wants no part of this as she doesn t even like the judge But a different story is presented when the judge s wife calls Alex with details.And then there the death of Frannie Fain a colleague who sits on the other side of the courtroom, but is a good friend nevertheless She is found outside on the street, convulsing There s lot of secrecy involving the way she was killed.And when these cases collide, Alexandra, along with her lover NYPD D...

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    Confidently written and utterly engaging, Blood Oath is number twenty in Linda Fairstein s Alexandra Cooper, legal thriller series, but it is my first book by this author, and can certainly be read as a standalone An honest to goodness page turner, especially if you, like so many right now, are interested in the procedure involved in bringing a criminal case to trial in the United States, press pause on the news, and make Blood Oath your next weekend read Blood Oath features Alexandra Coop Cooper, a thirty eight year old, Assistant District Attorney in Manhattan who has run the Special Victims Bureau, overseeing and prosecuting sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, and related murder cases for than ten years Alex is smart, likable, and filled with moxie like the author herself, Alexandra Cooper is a strong victim and survivor advocate, and has dedicated her professional life to seeking justice in the courts for victims of intimate violence When twenty four year old Lucy Jenner is brought to Coop s office, Lucy doesn t know, at first, if she can trust Alexandra Cooper Ten years earlier, when Lucy was a critical witness in a federal murder trial and only fo...

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    This woman is a disgusting pig She is trash, her books are trash What she did to those boys was pure evil She is a liar, a cheat and a thief She stole the childhoods of 5 boys because she s a racist She should be ashamed of herself Linda Fairstein put 5 innocent children in prison because they were black and she thought she was above the law Their liv...

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    CAN ALL MY FRIENDS PLEASE SEE AND LIKE THIS Please do not read or support anything under her name This woman tortured and convicted 5 innocent men over a crime they did not commit PIECE OF SHIT whentheyseeus If you want to l...

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    The only time I ve ever left a review for an author instead of a book, but I would not support her financially or with my time by purchasing and reading a copy.If you don t know who this author is, go watch When they see us on Netflix and then come back here Or google Central Park...

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    Horrible book by a horrible women that got innocent kids sentenced for a crime they didn t do

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    Assistant DA Alexandra Cooper is faced with trying to bring down a very powerful man in BLOOD OATH, a man that years ago groomed a young witness in a case Now Lucy, the young woman, wants the man who used her brought to justice But, how to prove what really happened all those years ago It s just her word against the man in question And, Lucy hasn t the best of reputation Alexandra also has to deal with a personal blow when a friend of her mysteriously collapses o...

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    Time to get LindaFairstein ignorant ass out of here too A pompous racist and a callous, soulless, moral compass lacking manipulator of justice How dare you write crime novels when you have knowingly committed a crime and lied in the court of law You are pathetic karma will meet you despite how y...

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    Dont waste your time on this author she know what she did can t believe she made money off writing fictional books while 5 boys lost decades of their life because of a real life fictional story Smh

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