➶ Sensehacking Download ✤ Author Charles Spence – Varunahuja.live

➶ Sensehacking  Download ✤ Author Charles Spence – Varunahuja.live
  • Hardcover
  • Sensehacking
  • Charles Spence
  • 11 March 2019
  • 9780241361139

Sensehacking The World Expert In Multisensory Perception On The Remarkable Ways We Can Use Our Senses To Lead Happier, Healthier, Richer LivesHow Can The Furniture In Your Home Affect Your Wellbeing What Colour Clothing Will Help You Play Sport Better And What Changes To Your Environment Can Improve Your Performance At Work In This Revelatory Book, Pioneering And Entertaining Oxford Professor Charles Spence Shows How Our Senses Change How We Think And Feel, And How By Hacking Them We Can Reduce Stress, Become Productive And Be Happier.We Like To Think Of Ourselves As Rational Beings, And Yet Two Over Indexing Predictors Of What Makes People Buy Cars Are The Sound Of Tapping The Dashboard And The Horn As Spence Shows, Our Behaviour Is A Product Of Our Senses, And By Understanding Them, You Can Take Greater Control Of Your Life Sensehacking Explores How The Senses Are Stimulated In Nature, At Home, In The Workplace And At Play From The Emerging Science Of Sensory Overload To Technology That Will Change The Way We Perceive The World, Spence Uses Cutting Edge Science To Show How The Senses Interact And Affect Our Minds Truly Accessible, Entertaining And Informative On Every Page There Are Ideas To Set You Thinking And Widen Your Horizons Heston Blumenthal, OBE, On Gastrophysics Wonderfully Curious And Thought Provoking Brilliant Bee Wilson, Guardian, On Gastrophysics Not Many People Are As Ready To Realize The Importance Of The Senses As Charles Spence Ferran Adri , El Bulli Restaurant, Spain

About the Author: Charles Spence

Prof Charles Spence is an experimental psychologist at the University of Oxford He is the head of the Crossmodal Research group which specializes in the research about the integration of information across different sensory modalities.

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