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[Download] ➻ Leo Thorsness  Author Michael P. Spradlin – Varunahuja.live
  • Hardcover
  • 112 pages
  • Leo Thorsness
  • Michael P. Spradlin
  • 15 November 2017
  • 9781250157157

Leo Thorsness For Middle Grade Readers, The True Story Of A Pilot In The U.S Air Force Who Received The Medal Of Honor For His Great Acts Of Aerial Valor Lieutenant Colonel Leo K Thorsness Was A Wild Weasel Pilot In The Vietnam War, Targeting Enemy Missile Sites On A 1967 Mission, When His Wingmen Ejected From Their Burning Aircraft, Thorsness Initiated Attacks On Enemy Planes And Other Daring Maneuvers In Order To Protect Them Two Weeks Later, He Was Shot Down And Would Become A P O W For The Next Six Years.This Is The Third Nonfiction Middle Grade Book In The Medal Of Honor Series, Which Profiles The Courage And Accomplishments Of Recipients Of The Medal Of Honor, The Highest And Most Prestigious Personal Military Decoration, Awarded To Recognize U.S Military Service Members Who Have Distinguished Themselves Through Extraordinary Acts Of Valor.

About the Author: Michael P. Spradlin

Michael P Spradlin is the author of than a dozen books for children.

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    E ARC provided by EdelweissThe Medal of Honor series covers the events that won real people the Medal of Honor Like Ryan Pitts Afghanistan and Jack Montgomery World War II, and the upcoming January 14, 2020 John Basilone World War II Bravery at Guadalcanal, Leo Thorsness is a well researched, short read 144 pages that students who enjoy books about wars gulp down These are nonfiction, but in the vein of the Landmark Books If you have a middle school or high school library, you MUST take a look at these biographies Leo Thorsness was young when World War II was being fought He grew up on a farm, and times were tough When he graduated, he followed in his brother s footsteps and joined the Air Force He had a career well underway and a lot of training under his belt when he was sent to Vietnam to fly missions that destroyed Vietnam strongholds Pilots had to fly 100 missions before being sent home, and Leo was well into the 90s when an air fight went badly wrong and he went down over enemy territory, along with several pilots from his uni...

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