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[[ Reading ]] ➿ Your Brain Needs a Hug  Author Rae Earl – Varunahuja.live
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Your Brain Needs a Hug
  • Rae Earl
  • 10 May 2017
  • 9781250307859

Your Brain Needs a Hug Imbued With A Sense Of Humor, Understanding, And Hope, Your Brain Needs A Hug Is A Judgment Free Guide For Living Well With Your Mind My Mad Fat Diary Author Rae Earl Offers Her Personalized Advice On The A To Zs Of Mental Health, Social Media, Family And Friendship When She Was A Teenager, Rae Dealt With OCD, Anxiety, And An Eating Disorder, But She Survived, And She Thrived Your Brain Needs A Hug Is Filled With Her Friendly Advice, Coping Strategies And Laugh Out Loud Moments To Get You Through The Difficult Days Witty, Honest, And Enlightening, This Is The Perfect Read For Feeling Happier And Healthier And Learning To Navigate Life Without Feeling Overwhelmed Or Isolated.An Imprint Book

About the Author: Rae Earl

I come from Stamford in Lincolnshire It s where a lot of TV and films are shot because it hasn t changed much in 500 years My childhood was like most people s a mixture of lovely and very odd Lovely because I spent a lot of time with good friends, music and tadpoles Odd because I spent a lot of time worrying about everything like war, murderers and poisonous mushrooms don t ask I was a

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    A brilliant and insightful read, discussing a variety of important topics regarding mental illness Rae Earl has created an incredibly easy read, that is full to the brim with information, without feeling info dumpy It s funny, educational and refreshingly honest Written in a casual way, with fun graphics and diagrams, It s All In Your Head felt like a discussion with a friend and I d highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn about their brain, or the brain of those around them, in a way that isn t overwhelming or bogged down with scientific jargon Rae Earl doesn t go into too much graphic detail but I d definitely advise being cautious going into this, if you are triggered by certain aspects of discussion on mental illness However, if you are sen...

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    My full review of this book and many others can be found at United by PopEarl s writing was so inclusive of her reader that it felt like a conversation with my own brain than the musings of another Her hilarious prose made the voice immediately likeable and knowing she was coming from a p...

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    3.5 stars

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    My new bible.

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    This was a surprise title I received from Hachette Australia A book I hadn t expected and didn t know anything about, but it sounded interesting So I decided to check it out and found myself squeezing in a bit here and there, between some of the other books I ve read during the last month.I wanted to take my time, and finished it tonight.Rae Earl might not have a degree in psychology, but she s been through enough mental health issues and situations to know a thing or two And that s why she wrote this book, which is a great way of presenting serious issues such as anxiety, OCD, depression, psychosis, and so much in a way readers of all ages can both understand and relate to This might be one person s account of a life full of mental health experiences, but there s a lot of familiar issues mentioned throughout, and even some very helpful coping mechanisms It s also a book that engages the reader and talks to them on a level that feels like a conversation There s no judgement, preaching or pushing an agenda, which is essential when dealing with such delicate and sometimes taboo situations.There were some things that had me nodding my head because I could totally relate, and others I ve never experienced seen It s quite an eye opener.I thought the addition...

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    Rae Earl has created a fan in me years ago when my depressed, anxious and mentally unwell self found her books and then, TV series based on her life Utterly relatable and both hilarious whilst remaining relevant with all things mental health.This book takes us from the teen years to beyond on all things happening in our brains.I can relate to so many aspects of the book that Rae talks about All about our mental health and being aware of it whether it be OCD, depression, suicide, self harm or anxiety and other disorders, we can all take away something from this book Whether it be tips about treatment options or just not feeling like it only happens to them ...

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    I won this on a goodreads giveaway and its aimed at teenagers so a bit young for me but even so I picked up a few tips on dealing with anxiety and I can imagine this book helping a lot of young people through struggles they are facing.

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    Really enjoyed reading this book found it very interesting, thought provoking some parts really spoke to me what my anxiety is

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    A much needed book in today s society So many of us struggle with mental health and we often don t know where to start looking for help This book is a must read It s funny, accurate and is packed with helpful information in an easy ...

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    Funny, accurate and very wise Important topics spread out in manageable chapters for you to be able to pick up as and a when you need it Jo Harrison illustrates throughout the book with some awesome creations too, and although the book is about some serious stuff Rae Earl makes it relatable, positive and not so scary So many books about these subjects such as mental health and life in general can be full on and all a bit too much but this one has just the right amount of not beating around the bush, humour and a balance of great advice every life warrior needs reminding of at times As someone who lives with ocd I m always interested to read hear about other people s experience with their dark chaotic cloud and I could really relate to Rae Earl s experiences She writes with honesty and accuracy as to how these b...

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