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[Ebook] Go for the Moon  By Chris Gall – Varunahuja.live
  • Hardcover
  • 48 pages
  • Go for the Moon
  • Chris Gall
  • 14 August 2019
  • 9781250155795

Go for the Moon Written And Illustrated By Chris Gall, Go For The Mooncaptures The Fascinating Detail And Inspiring Adventure Of The Moon Landing It Is A Captivating Celebration Of One Of Humankind S Greatest Technical Achievements And Most Extraordinary Feats Of Exploration.The Apollo 11 Astronauts Have Prepared Carefully For Their Attempt To Be The First Men To Land On The Moon The Young Narrator Of This Book Has Prepared Carefully, Too He Explains The Design Of The Spacecraft, The Flight From The Earth To The Moon, And The Drama Of Touching Down While Shadowing The Astronaut S Voyage With One Of His Own.

About the Author: Chris Gall

Quando estava na escola, Chris Gall foi pego desenhando na carteira Ganhou o pr mio de Jovem Escritor da Read Magazine quando estava no s timo ano, o que o inspirou a escrever narrativas para suas ilustra es Na faculdade, decidiu se tornar ilustrador profissional Seus trabalhos j estiveram em quase todas as publica es dos Estados Unidos, incluindo a Time, Newsweek, People, Fortune, The New Y

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    I can t imagine a appealing way to interest kids in space science, unless it is this book.It s an oversized, heavyweight, photo realistic story of a space enthralled little boy whose life mirrors the first moon launch and landing With white framed, double spread illustrations readers open to a rear view of a young boy staring out his bedroom window His walls, shelves, and toys all reveal a childlike but obsessive interest in space Text is white on the night darkened scene, emphasizing the full moon glow and the substance of the text In the morning, three brave men will climb inside a giant rocket, blast off into space, and fly to the moon The astronauts are ready for the mission and so am I From that page forward this lad duplicates each stage of the process, from his Tang breakfast, to launching his self built rocket, to suiting up for the moon landing, to entering his cardboard landing capsule Soon he and family are pictured stretched out in front of their black and white, grainy, scratchy console television What a night that was That little boy was the author illustrator, Gall, and he details his own engagement with rockets and space in the back matter That genuinely portrayed first person insight to the magnificent adventures of those days is matched by this book s ability to make superlatives kid friendly Gall describes the skillful expertise demanded of the rocket crane operators It has to do with raw ...

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    Hello, friends To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, our book today is Go For The Moon A Rocket, A Boy, and the First Moon Landing by Chris Gall.Based on the author s childhood memories, our story begins with a young bespectacled boy preparing for the event of the century the launch of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon He has his astronaut outfit, and has built models in every scale of the remarkable equipment that will be used in the real mission a water rocket like the Saturn V, a cardboard command module clubhouse, miniatures of the astronauts and even of the LEM Following along on his fuzzy tv, he re enacts the mission as he watches it unfold but when Neil Armstrong takes his historic first steps, silence falls and all eyes are glued to the television in wonder Once the astronauts return safely to earth, the boy begins planning his next launch, a lifelong love of astronautics ignited.A wonderful balance of education and nostalgia As outlined in the afterward, Gall draws on his own memories of a childhood inspired by the Apollo missions and what they achieved, and this personal connection shows on every page The mechanics of the moon launch are explained in a detailed yet accessible manner that shows a passion for the science, ...

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    Drawing on his own lifelong fascination with astronomy and space travel, author illustrator Chris Gall takes readers back in time to July 20, 1969 when humans first set foot on the Moon The full page illustrations and text capture all the anticipation for the launch of the Apollo 11 spacecraft and its journey to the moon While the three astronauts are going about their work and the lunar module, the Eagle, lands on the lunar surface, one boy, presumably the author, and his brother, plan their own journey into space, launching a small model rocket, and then mimicking the astronauts actions It s clear that this is a passionate interest for the boy, and his family supports his interest completely It s also quite evident that writing and drawing this book was a labor of love for Gall and his tribute to the wonders of space expl...

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    Excellent informational book about the US moon rockets with well explained technical information The nonfiction material is woven into a story about a young boy and rocket enthusiast watching the reports of the Apollo 11 mission.Clearly written information and spectacular page filling illustrations.

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    This is a very technical picture book about spaceship parts and the science of launching into and returning from space, revolving particularly around the first successful mission to the moon Kids who love reading about gadgets and machine parts will be very excited by this book.

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    Juxtaposing fascinating details about space flight with the author s own childhood memories of the observing the first moon landing, this is an approachable and engaging introduction to lunar exploration.

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    Lot of text Great information about spaceships NF text features Two stories woven into one.

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    This was a really well done book I liked the parallel stories with the different font for the little boy versus the real Apollo 11 trip Lots of good information and fun facts at the end.

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    Interesting attention to mechanic detail and visuals plusI m sure certain little boys can relate to replaying their own versions of amazing events going own in their own world.

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