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[PDF / Epub] ☆ Old Souls  Author Brian McDonald – Varunahuja.live
  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • Old Souls
  • Brian McDonald
  • 09 April 2018
  • 9781626727328

Old Souls From Brian McDonald And Les McClaine Comes Old Souls, A Supernatural Graphic Novel About Addiction, Obsession, And The Things We Do For FamilyChris Olsen Has A Good Life He Has A Regular Job, A Wife And Daughter Who Love Him, And A Promising Future By Any Measure This Is A Good Life, But It Isn T His FirstWhen A Troubling Encounter With A Homeless Man Triggers Something Inside Chris, Memories Of His Past Lives Bubble To The Surface A Lost Chinese Boy, A Wailing Grandmother, And A Love So Powerful It Never Left His Soul All Compete For His AttentionChris Sinks Deep Into The Seedy And Seductive World Of Grave Robbers, Vagrants Known For Their Ability To Relive Their Former Lives But Can He Find Closure To A Tragic Episode In His Past Without Losing Himself In The Process

About the Author: Brian McDonald

Brian McDonald contributes frequently to New York City newspapers, including The New York Times His first book, My Father s Gun, won critical raves and became the subject of a major History Channel documentary series McDonald is also the author of Last Call at Elaine s, Indian Summer, and Safe Harbor A Murder in Nantucket He lives in Manhattan.

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    So this was eh.I was pretty excited to read this one Its certainly got a neat premise Chris Olsen is just your average husband and father who s working a bit of a dead end job, saving for a house, loves his family But he s being harassed by a homeless guy who he feels compelled to buy lunch for every day He s not sure why but he feels a connection to this guy It turns out its because they knew each other in another life.Chris soon becomes obsessed with learning about all the lives he s had before The homeless guy takes him to see an enormously fat man in a squalid tenement who can help him recall all his lives through hypnosis Soon he s blowing through his savings and becoming totally obsessed with reuniting with a dead loved from another life This is bad because it makes him neglect his present family.I don t know this all just felt very surface and kinda blah The book doesn t spend nearly enough time exploring Chris s past lives or what exactly is going on that allows him and others like him to access those memories Sometimes not understanding the mechanics of the narrative device doesn t matter Its okay to just ask your readers to accept this kind of off the wall idea because the story constructed around it gives you enough information or you care enough about the characters for it not to matter so much why the crazy thing is happening But when the off the wall thing IS the story I just need to work with Why can Chris and the other people he meets in the tenement remember past lives but others can t Why do we keep encountering the same people in each life why do we keep some of the same personality quirks Its just not enough to establish that some people can do this and that s it The stakes also just aren t that high Chris is either going to overcome his obsession or he isn t but I don t care enough about him to really get invested You don t learn enough about him to develop strong feelings about what he s going through There s nothing really wrong here this just didn t hold my interest and didn t make much of an impact.

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    Want to see bookish things from me Check out my youtube channel I received a copy of this from the publisher in exchange for my honest review 3.5 5 StarsChris lives a good life with a loving wife and young daughter Then he meets a homeless man named Jack who speaks of a life he once lived, triggering memories in Chris that he didn t realize he had Chris enters the life of a grave robber , allowing him to take trips into past lives and relive his life and deaths in each one Chris becomes obsessed with one of his previous lives and his carefully crafted world soon falls apart.I wasn t a huge fan of Chris, he was very selfish and rude to his wife I did enjoy the artwork, but wish there were colours although the white, blue and black worked well for the eerie atmosphere of this I did enjoy the overall message of the story being to live in the present and not dwell on the past and I thought it came across without being overly preachy.

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    The story line is an interesting one It is fresh and different than many graphic novels that I ve read recently Those are the pluses The minuses have to do with the reader than the content I have no idea if the illustrations are well done I am extremely near sighted and, as such, cannot see 3D renderings It makes life difficult when confronted with things like the IMAX or this graphic novel This also made the text difficult to decipher, but the story was well crafted and it made it worth it This skews older than my elementary library and I don t know if I have the readers at the public library, but it is a definite recommend for those that would like to expand their GN section to include something new, fresh, and cutting edge.

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    Chris is a man with a loving wife and child and a steady job at a local mall His life gets turned upside down when Jack, a homeless man he buys lunch for, tells him that he s Chris s grandmother from another life Jack has never been able to get over being separated from Chris during the 1937 Raid of Nanking At first, Chris thinks Jack is insane, but he gradually starts to believe and discover his own past lives Jack introduces him to Del, who s able to help him delve into other previous lives, where Chris becomes obsessed with a life where he lost a young son to illness As Chris spirals out of control, Jack tries to help him detach and focus on his present life Old Souls has a strong premise that falters a bit in the storytelling At points, the narrative seems to be caught in a loop, going over the same moments again and again, and the book s momentum stalls The black and white artwork provides for some stark, noir like moments The message is a popular one embrace the present, don t dwell on the past An additional purchase for collections where you have dedicated adult graphic novel readers.

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    I think the initial idea of Old Souls is interesting The main character happens gets involved with a group of people who can show you all of your past lives and how those connections influence your present Sounds interesting, right Unfortunately, the execution is a bit of a mess The main character is selfish and unlikable I found his treatment of his wife to be gross and the ending made me roll my eyes a bit because it destroyed any character development his wife had More important, however is the cringe worthy inappropriate dialect in one of the main character s past lives Aren t we a bit past writing black characters to say things like, Massa, sir Since I received an ARC of this book I cannot really comment on the art The e copy I received didn t work well, so it was very hard to see the panels everything was red and blue Had I been able to see the art properly, I might adjust my rating a bit because from what I could see there were potentially beautiful panels.Thank you NetGalley for the ARC of this book.

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    I usually struggle to finish graphic novels, but I finished this in one sitting The author really knows how to tell a story Every part of this was so well connected and clear, and the art reminded me a lot of Will Eisner books I highly recommend this

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    An eerie reincarnation tale with some nice twists and genuinely haunting images.

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    Eerie and unsettling take on reincarnation and the perils of remembering past lives at the expense of the present.

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    This was an interesting new read.

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