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[EPUB] ✻ Bringing Down A President  By Andrea Balis – Varunahuja.live
  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • Bringing Down A President
  • Andrea Balis
  • 04 May 2018
  • 9781250176790

Bringing Down A President A Middle Grade Retelling Of Richard Nixon S Downfall, Bringing Down A President The Watergate Scandal Is An Inventive And Timely Look At One Of The Biggest Scandals To Ever Rock Our Nation By Andrea Balis And Elizabeth Levy, Featuring Graphic Novel Style Illustrations By Tim FoleyComprised Almost Completely Of Primary Source Quotes Good Thing Nixon S Recorder Was On And Interspersed With Contextual Narrative, This Captivating Account Of The Trials And Tribulations Of The Nixon Administration Has Been Rendered Screenplay Style Offering An Extraordinarily Immediate Narrative Of One Of America S Most Turbulent Eras

About the Author: Andrea Balis

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Bringing Down A President book, this is one of the most wanted Andrea Balis author readers around the world.

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    Hey, now I get WatergateWhile it s billed as middle grades, Bringing Down A President the Watergate Scandal is a great overview of Watergate for adults who never quite got the full story I m not old enough to have lived through Watergate, and just about every US history class I ve ever taken has covered 1946 to about 1990 in about three sentences So, we won World War II, but then we got into a Cold War with the Commies, and both sides made a metric shit ton of weapons Then the Soviet Union broke up, and we won Murica Thanks to the authors for clearing up a murky spot in my historical education.As an adult reader, a few things didn t quite hit the mark for me The Fly on the Wall labels weren t really needed without those markings, it still would have been clear when the text was quoting historical figures.Some of the pictures tried to be humorous, but they weren t too helpful in understanding what happened In the line drawings, it was hard to tell apart many of the characters I agree with the reviewers who said that photos would have been a better choice I think middle grades readers will enjoy the book a bit less than adults. They might pick it up to complete required research, but it probably wouldn t hold their interest as a voluntary read Middle grades readers might be annoyed by sections explaining very simple concepts At the same time, they might also be irritated that some key concepts are not explained.3.5 stars rounded up 3 stars for middle grades readers, but 4 for adults who want a primer on the subject Thanks to NetGalley and Roaring Brook Press for giving me a DRC of this book.

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    E ARC provided by Edelweiss PlusUsing direct quotes from wide variety of participants in the Watergate scandal and investigation, this book provides Fly on the Wall commentary on the events that happened from 1972 to 1974, with some additional back history about some of the people involved as well I had never realized what a comedy of errors the whole thing was breaking into the Watergate, covering things up, bribing people right and left Wow There is a marvelous illustration of some of the men who tried to hide out in a closet and got locked in that made me snort with laughter, especially since it has a real Mad Magazine vibe to the line drawing This book does a great job at laying out events and explaining why things happened the way they did The tone is very matter of fact, which could not have been an easy thing to do My goodness G Gordon Liddy He would have been fast friends with some current political figures today, I think Oddly, most of the people come out looking fairly sympathetic as well they had jobs to do for reasons that seemed like a good idea at the time, given the political environment It seemed almost completely ludicrous, until I started trying to write a timeline of current political events in my mind Do I understand the Watergate Scandal better now Yes, temporarily Like the bank failures of 1929, I suspect that I won t hold onto this understanding for long, but this was a fantastic book I ll definitely be purchasing it it has enough information for research, but its short length and plentiful illustrations will make it easier for students to pick up for pleasure as well Language arts teachers will appreciate the innovative style and ample use of primary source quotes.

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    really interesting plot this book sounds like my cup of tea hope I can read it soon

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    This book was great It explained a lot of the missing parts of the Watergate scandal that I was not aware of before I loved the format, especially the fly on the wall concept that was excellent I also liked the fact that the authors included direct quotes from the people involved, even though these people had been formally classified as liars After reading this book, I see many parallels between the Watergate scandal and the current Trump administration And it scares me

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    I thought this book was an interesting look at the Watergate Scandal and I actually learned a lot even though this topic was not new to me I enjoyed the fly on the wall perspective which made it seem like you had an inside look to what was happening in the room It included some curse words but they were within direct quotes and felt appropriate for getting the tone across I think it would also appeal to reluctant readers who may find that sort of thing edgy and interesting than a academic take on the subject I would say this is geared for a middle school or high school age Thanks to NetGalley the publisher for the chance to read an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    Reviewing for a professional magazine see review in SLJ.

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    Reviewed for professional publication.

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    Watergate was always a confusing part of history to me It never was covered in school and there were so many people and events surrounding Richard Nixon s fall from grace and subsequent resignation This book makes sense of all that in a very accessible format I knew it was an important time in the history of the US and now I can see why clearly This is a book written for middle grade kids, but it would probably help adults who were a little fuzzy about those events, too The events are narrated by a fly on the wall literally , along with supporting direct quotes by the people involved, and instead of using photographs, the authors have chosen to use black and white pencil illustrations There is a lot of food for thought here, but one thing is certain this is a book that will resonate with today s astute readers.

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    Great informational text with gaps filled in by a Fly on the Wall Being aimed at a middle grade audience, I wish it would have had fewer curse words Some expletives were deleted, but others weren t A bit confusing for my 5ths But an excellent resource on the powers of the presidency and what can happen when it s run amok.Thank you to the publisher for sharing this with our reading group

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    Nope I didn t think the literal Fly on the Wall narrator worked as a device I thought the author couldn t get a handle on the middle grades audience in terms of what was explained in detail and what prior knowledge was assumed I also thought they missed a great opportunity with the illustrations I wanted them to better clarify the huge cast of characters involved but not so much.

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