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Ebook ➩ The End Author Lemony Snicket – Varunahuja.live
  • Hardcover
  • 368 pages
  • The End
  • Lemony Snicket
  • 12 June 2019
  • 9780062865151

The EndNOW A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIESLike An Off Key Violin Concert, The Roman Empire, Or Food Poisoning, All Things Must Come To An End Thankfully, This Includes A Series Of Unfortunate Events By Lemony Snicket The Thirteenth And Final Installment In The Groundbreaking Series Will Answer Readers Most Burning Questions Will Count Olaf Prevail Will The Baudelaires Survive Will The Series End Happily If There S Nothing Out There, What Was That Noise Then Again, Why Trouble Yourself With Unfortunate Resolutions Avoid The Thirteenth And Final Book Of Lemony Snicket S International Bestselling Series And You Ll Never Have To Know What Happens.

About the Author: Lemony Snicket

Lemony Snicket had an unusual education and a perplexing youth and now endures a despondent adulthood His previous published works include the thirteen volumes in A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Composer is Dead, and 13 Words His new series is All The Wrong Questions.For A Series of Unfortunate Events

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    Okay, rant time.I ve spent the last few weeks reading this series from beginning to end I have been certainly entertained by the language, intrigued by the story outside the story, as it were, and concerned for the Baudelaires The series has been so grim that, on occasion, I had to take breaks from it because it was honestly starting to get me down.But, obviously, I persevered I had numerous questions and, as I do when I feel my entertainment has been in the hands of a good writer, trusted the author to answer them Instead, I got the following 1 The theme of this book is that stories are extensive and all encompassing, and you cannot know everything, and histories and connections go on and on and on so that it is impossible to know where anything starts or ends.2 In case you readers didn t get it, let s hold up the action and exposition again to explain how you can t possibly know everything Yes, of course I am used to Snicket holding up the action for longwinded and usually humorous asides These were exceedingly longwinded, not especially humorous, painfully repetitive, and did not hold up exposition so much as replace it as in but that question can t be answered, because you just can t know every part of a story One of the things that bothered me the most was the unanswered question of why Snicket is documenting the Baudelaires lives particularly if he s going to ju...

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    This book INFURIATED me What a lazy author Taking us down the garden path through 12 books and then ending the series without really completing the story As a children s librarian, I no longer recommend this series to kids I hate to see them as disappointed as I was...

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    Like life and college, this book leaves you with questions than answers However, there is a satisfaction in knowing one cannot possibly know all the answers to all of the questions in the world, and neither can the Baudelaires This book is particularly suitable for adults who have experienced rotten childhoods and need the confirmation of gaining what he she missed hearing you might never know the answer I am very sad this series is over, but in my head, the Baudelaires are still alive and kickin , with the new addition I also leave this book with an unexpected, serious but not eerie, crush on both Brett Helquist and Daniel Handler Combined More thoughts At work today, it was one of my favorite student s last day for tutoring I was extremely sad to see him go for some reason He was one of the most difficult students I have ever had, and yet I was so sad to see him leave I was there throughout his fits and his triumphs, and I had thought many nights about how I could help him learn and help cultivate a love for learning within him I realized that through the journey, I was just wanting to get the day over with, especially when he was difficult But when the end came, and only a few questions hopes were answered, I realized I would miss him very much and I would never get to see the end result.Just like these books I zoomed through the books, hoping the next one would lead to answers, when really I see how I should ve simply e...

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    I understand that this book made a lot of people angry, by not explaining all the central mysteries, by not wrapping up, by introducing lots information that the book doesn t resolve But this is where we were heading to the point where we know that we can t know everything, to the point where the villain is no longer two dimensionally evil and our heroes accept that they have done terrible things.It s still Lemony Snicket, so it s still funny and clever and everything you liked about the first 12 books But this one is taking everything further Did kids enjoy this resolution I don t know I imagine a lot of them did I hope they did.All I know is t...

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    May I steal the lyrics from the eponymous Door s song This is the end Beautiful friend This is the end My only friend, the end Of our elaborate plans, the end Of everything that stands, the end No safety or surprise, the end I ll never look into your eyesagain The important thing to recognise here is that in a continued move to the meta that Patrick Rothfuss might admire and even have studied this is a story about stories In order that we not forget this fact theme a theme that, incidentally, is proba...

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    Oy, how annoying Twelve books TWELVE books posing question after question and mystery after mystery with twists and intrigue and all that for what Not answers, that s for damn sure.This book didn t tie anything together The sugar bowl The poison darts The Schism All dismissed in some silly existentialist philosophical conclusion about unanswered questions and the Great Unknown Not cool.It was a little bit thought provoking, I guess, but come on If I wanted thought provoking, I d have read a thought provoking book The first 12 books in this series were light, fun entertainment and I loved them To suddenly turn that all around into some awkward,...

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    Well Snicket himself told me that no book can truly contain the end of a story, although it may describe the end of a person I finished this book on October 13, 2007, exactly one year after it was released It was not as funny or exciting as the last few books in the series, but it might be allegorical than all the rest It had heaps of literary allusions, only a few of which I managed to catch Robinson Crusoe, Moby Dick, the Bible To sum it all up, the biggest problem with this book is that it leaves many things unresolved It s not that surprising, I guess, but it s still not fully satisfying.Even though I didn t laugh as much, I did say Oh times than in any of the previous volumes I don t know if there s an actual O Scale, but this would rate highly on it One part I need to share with you is what LS says about happiness that has really stuc...

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    The End is a very strange book because although it serves as the Baudelaire orphans s beautiful swan song, it also makes you reflect on the on the state of the world and where your life fits within it I don t mean in a existentialist way, such as Who am I , What am I doing here or Why is there a person disguised as a bush standing on my rug , but rather in a way that The End wasn t about answering all the questions and mysteries set in the previous unfortunate events to take place in the Baudelaires lives The End was about how three intelligent, resourceful, and reasonably attractive orphans survived all sorts of misadventures and had their fair share of misfortune bestowed upon them The End is about how although the world is ripe with villainy, grief, and parsley soda, it is also filled with love and c...

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    letting their tears run down their faces and into the sea, which some have said is nothing but a library of all tears in history The End I have so many questions than I have answers, but I think it s actually not going to drive me crazy I love this series and it s vague, eerie, surreal tone There s so much beautiful character development throughout the series that I didn t pick up as a child and I m so, so glad I did this reread The struggle with their moral compa...

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    I don t even know what to say After reading the last book I reevaluated all my ratings for this series because I realized I was a little harsh I was planning on doing a full series review but now I don t think I can I only read this series because it was short and I needed to read it last year to catch up on my reading challenge but now I ve realized I m glad I read it It s very different and unique Everything that happened was tragic and that s what sets it apart The series was a little repetitive at the beginning but ...

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