Download ☆ Dig Your Own Grave (Will Tanner #5) By William W. Johnstone –

Download ☆ Dig Your Own Grave (Will Tanner #5)  By William W. Johnstone –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 304 pages
  • Dig Your Own Grave (Will Tanner #5)
  • William W. Johnstone
  • 14 June 2019

Dig Your Own Grave (Will Tanner #5) Johnstone Country Keeping The West Wild U.S Marshal Will Tanner Is One Hell Of A Manhunter But This Time, He S Chasing Six Men Across Three States With One Gun And No Backup This Isn T Justice This Is A Suicide Mission DIG YOUR OWN GRAVE It Starts With A Prison Break In Missouri When Notorious Bank Robber Ansel McCoy Busts Out, He Teams Up With Five Other Outlaws Then He And His Gang Rob A Bank In Kansas Now They Re Crossing State Lines Into Oklahoma Indian Territory And That S Where U.S Marshal Will Tanner Steps In Other Marshals From Kansas And Missouri Have Already Lost The Trail Which Means Tanner Has To Go It Alone Deep In The Wilderness Outnumbered And Outgunned One Good Man Against Six Blood Crazed Killers Even If He Manages To Survive The Elements And Find McCoy S Hideout, It S Not Just The End Of His Search It S His Funeral Live Free Read Hard.

About the Author: William W. Johnstone

The Devil s Kiss and became a full time writer in 1980 He wrote close to two hundred books in numerous genres, including suspense and horror His main publication series were Mountain Man, The First Mountain Man, Ashes and Eagles and his own personal favorite novel was

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    This one was actually the best in the series, the characters are evolving and the plot is thickening I want to know what will happen to Will Is there going to be a wedding Is he going back to ranching If you like westerns where the good guy is good and the bad guy is bad you could do so much w...

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    This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book Rated 4.0 of 5This is only the second Johnstone s book that I ve read despite a history of enjoying western fiction and for an action packed western I enjoyed it.Will Tanner is a U.S Marshall out of the Oklahoma Territory He is highly skilled at tracking and hunting down criminals But this time Tanner is chasing six hardened killers across three states He s out of his territory and without back up but these men killed a friend of his and he s not going to let them get away if he can help it Back home, however, he s got a girl pining for him to come back and settle down to take up ranching a much safer occupation Will Marshall Tanner survive the hunt and return home to his girl Will he return with or without the men he s been tracking This is a good, old fashioned western meaning the good guys are good and the bad guys are really bad and you pretty much know how it s all going to end, but it s the experience of the adventure that makes it worth the read.As a rough, tough, western hero, Will Tanner stands tall among men Author Johnstone does as much as possible to make Tanner human he doubts himself and manages to get caught unaware once , but he s still nearly super human, tracking and arresting an entire gang single handedly Wel...

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    Title Dig Your Own GraveSeries Will Tanner 5Author William W.JohstonePages 308NetgalleyGenre westernDate book comes out Mar 26, 2019book synopsis Johnstone Country Keeping the West wild.U.S Marshal Will Tanner is one hell of a manhunter But this time, he s chasing six men across three states with one gun and no backup This isn t justice This is a suicide mission .DIG YOUR OWN GRAVEIt starts with a prison break in Missouri When notorious bank robber Ansel McCoy busts out, he teams up with five other outlaws Then he and his gang rob a bank in Kansas Now they re crossing state lines into Oklahoma Indian Territory And that s where U.S Marshal Will Tanner steps in Other marshals from Kansas and Missouri have already lost the trail Which means Tanner has to go it alone Deep in the wilderness Outnumbered and outgunned One good man against six blood crazed killers Even if he manages to survive the elements and find McCoy s hideout, it s not just the end of his search It s his funeral .My thought rating 5 Recommend this series yesWould I read by this author yes For those who don t know I m a big fan of William W.Johnstone and J.A.Johnstone Wither its horror or their westerns.Each of their stories has characters that you either love or hate and in this case Will Tanner is one of those characters that you fell in love with The story comes to live the you read it, and just like their other books so does the places, and the people , it s the type of book that ma...

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    Title Dig Your Own Grave A Will Tanner U S Deputy Marshall Western 5 Author William W Johnstone J A JohnstonePages 304Year 2019Publisher PinnacleMy rating 5 out of 5 starsWill Tanner is a young, bold, daring and at times still learning how to be a U.S Deputy Marshall as he rides after some nefarious characters Will is also engaged to be married though his future mother in law is not at all in favor of his marrying her daughter When Will is ordered to leave town to apprehend the Beaudry gang who is robbing banks and killing indiscriminately, his fianc e Lyla is adamant he not leave again Out in the area where the gang is reported to be, Will is fighting to keep his thoughts on his job One mistake and Will Tanner knows that is the end of his career, or life without any possible future with Lyla When Lyla refuses to see him before he leaves, he wonders if there is even going to be a wedding Will puts all his mind on his job shortly after hearing two rifle shots and bullets whizzing past his head Through many trails and trials this young man must fulfill his duty as he becomes clearly intent on going the extra mile to get his man The story captures the imagination and at times leaves readers hanging in some scenes momentarily while attention is diverted to other action taking place in the story I personally enjoy the Will Tanner character with the way he plans to capture the people he is after, his treatment of prisoners, his romance with Lyla and ....

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    I ve only been a Johnstone fan for a few years My Uncle turned me on to these series when I was looking for something else to read I ve now read many, many Johnstone books I could easily say they are some of my favorite books The back stories in these books are always well developed and true to life While fictional, the characters run into nonfictional characters often The characters are always honest to a fault, giving the description good guys a new meaning In the c...

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    Dig Your Own Grave is the exciting fifth installment to the Will Tanner series I enjoyed it, giving it four and a half stars.

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    Dug it.

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