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[PDF / Epub] ☉ Have You Seen Her  By Lisa    Hall – Varunahuja.live
  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Have You Seen Her
  • Lisa Hall
  • 03 May 2019
  • 9780008319175

Have You Seen Her Bonfire Night A Missing GirlAnna Only Takes Her Eyes Off Laurel For A Second She Thought Laurel Was Following Her Mum Through The Crowds But In A Heartbeat, Laurel Is GoneLaurel S Parents Are Frantic As Is Anna, Their Nanny But As The Hours Pass, And Laurel Isn T Found, Suspicion GrowsSomeone Knows What Happened To Laurel And They Re Not TellingHave You Seen Her Is The Breath Taking New Thriller With A Killer Twist From Bestseller Lisa Hall

About the Author: Lisa Hall

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Have You Seen Her book, this is one of the most wanted Lisa Hall author readers around the world.

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    Have You Seen Her by Lisa Hall is a book that just runs from the first pages untill the last,it has so many twists that just as you think ah ha I ve figured it out it sends you another twist.This book shows us how manipulative, cruel and twisted people can be plus it shows we only see what we want to see.From the first page untill the last you sit with that sick uneasy feeling in the pit of the stomach with the need to find the answer and when you do you won t believe it I definitely recommend this

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    Addictive As always with this author the story grabs you and doesn t let you go, not even for a second as the suspense goes up a gear each chapter Laurel goes missing, at a local bonfire, she is there with her Mum and Nanny Anna and should be safe, she isn t, one minute shes there, the next gone, vanished, without a trace..no one has a clue where she is.but they do of course but I bet like me you wont guess who knows whats happened and even if you do you willswop and change and change and swop until the culprit is unmasked The story is full of lies and cheats and people pretending they are something they arent.the characters are flawless for the role they play yet all flawed if makes sense The ending is really a 3 pronged affair and each prong shocks just that bit In a busy field of missing children thrillers there needs to be every single element of a good story to make the book stand out and also something new to add to it.this book has it, and One of those reads you feel satisfied when finished like a good meal, thoroughly enjoyable10 10 5 Stars

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    A Young girl goes missing at the local bonfire night She was there with her mother and her nanny One minute she was there, the next she had disappeared The longer it takes to find out what happened to Laurel, it just makes everyone suspicious The story is told from Anna s the nanny s point of view I didn t like Laurels mum and dad Fran Dominic , they were too self entered for my liking There are many curve balls in this quite pacy read This is a well written book, with a realistic plot with a than satisfactory ending.I would like to thank NetGalley, HQ and the author Lisa Hall for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    Another fantastic book from Lisa Hall I listened to this on audible and finished it in a day at work A little girl missing, a nanny with a secret and parents who are not who they seem Sucks you right in

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    Anna only looked away for one tiny second but that second was all it took for little Laurel to vanish, without a trace.Now Anna and Laurel s parents Fran and Dominic find themselves trapped in every parents worst nightmare.As time passes and there is no trace of Laurel, suspicion grows and secrets and lies begin to surface.Someone knows what happened to Laurel and they are not telling.This enthralling story is told from the perspective of the nanny Anna It is obvious that Anna adores young Laurel and is prepared to do everything in her power to uncover what has happened to her But Anna also has a secret from her past that she is terrified will be uncovered once the police start digging into their lives.Fran and Dominic were a materialistic,selfish couple who I found very unlikable and struggled to feel any sympathy for despite the nightmare that they were going through So many of the vivid,realistic characters were not who they appeared to be,came across as very sinister, untrustworthy and had hidden secrets I suspected almost all of them as the story unfolded of having something to do with Laurel s disappearance.Have You Seen Her is a mesmerising,gripping thriller that had me hooked in from very first page I genuinely didn t want to put this fast paced,page turner down After drawing you in with a Intreguing prologue,the story then hits the ground running at break neck speed The reader is hardly given any chance to breath as you are launched from one twist to another until you get to the jaw dropping epilogue Where you are left breathless and exhausted but very very disappointed that the thrill ride is over I loved this well written thriller and would love to watch a film adaptation of this book Worth far than five stars and will definitely be one of my favourite reads of this year.Many thanks to HQ for a arc of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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    After reading Between You And Me and The Party other books by Lisa Hall I was very excited to receive a copy from Netgalley in exchange for a review Fran is at a Bonfire night event with her daughter Laurel and Nanny Anna when Laurel goes missing It s every parents worst nightmare, you take you re eye off you re child for 1 second and they disappear, forgetting that s all it takes They soon realise someone has taken her.The parents Fran and Dominic seem the perfect couple, they have a beautiful daughter, big house and are admired by all Who would want to take their daughter This book had me gripped from the start There are lots of secrets and red herrings along the way I love when you read a book and you keep changing you re mind on who the bad guy is, for me everybody seemed guilty and dishonest with their own secrets to hide.A must read that s fast paced and is a thrilling book to read with its twists and an ending that won t disappoint I m almost disappointed I ve finished this book as I was so drawn into this story.I have read several books about children going missing,but this has to be 1 of my favourites

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    Have You Seen Her is my first Lisa Hall book, although I do already own The Party her third novel which I intend to read very soon, after having been enticed by the author s compelling and ingenious writing Blurb Anna only takes her eyes off Laurel for a second She thought Laurel was following her mum through the crowds But in a heartbeat, Laurel is gone Laurel s parents are frantic As is Anna, their nanny But as the hours pass, and Laurel isn t found, suspicion grows Someone knows what happened to Laurel And they re not telling Any parent will confess that it s a nightmare keeping an eye on your children when in crowds or public places and anyone who s ever experienced losing sight of their child, for just one minute, will appreciate how the characters feel when Laurel goes missing and at just how distressing it is This story really got to the heart of me, being a parent myself and although a simple storyline child goes missing, nanny has a secret, everyone is blamed this totally got under my skin.Very addictive and one I didn t want to finish, I read this book almost in one sitting I personally think it needs to be read that way to keep the pace, as it does labour in a couple of places but on the whole is a decently fast moving thriller With curve balls, red herrings and a very satisfying ending that had me smiling at the inventiveness of it, this was a hugely enjoyable read.I liked the ease of reading this book, it was uncomplicated, enjoyable with flawed, devisive characters, that although were not endearing, were engaging and well developed Would I recommend Definetly Although set in autumn winter this is a perfect summer, lazy weekend read that I loved from start to finish Lisa Hall is the bestselling author of Between You and Me and is a rising star in the crime community.4 stars

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    This was such a good read I was hooked from the first page to the last There were a lot of twists and turns and I was desperate to find out what happened I thought the ending was really good which is really important in a book The characters weren t particularly likeable but that didn t change the book I had my suspicions and I eventually figured out what happened about half way through despite changing my mind a million times A really brilliant read and I can t wait to read from this author I definitely recommend this book.

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    Have You Seen Her by Lisa Hall is an intense thriller that centers around a young girl who goes missing and the aftershock her nanny and parents face.Having your child disappear is every parent s worst fear For Laurel s parents, it becomes a reality When Laurel scampers off after her mother the night of a bonfire, her nanny, Anna, thinks nothing of it.Until the mother returns without her daughter.Where is Laurel Where did she go As the investigation ramps up, it s clear that someone knows than they re letting on The secrets are thick, and the swirl of controversy is thicker.I thought Have You Seen Her by Lisa Hall was a brilliant thriller As a parent, it played on my own fears The storyline was well executed, delightfully twisted, and kept me guessing until the very end.Told from the perspective of Anna, Laurel s nanny, Anna is heartsick with grief trying to find the missing girl At the same time, as the investigation gets closer and closer to her, it s evident that Anna has secrets of her own Could Anna be the missing piece to the puzzle I found Anna s character to be incredibly relatable She genuinely seemed like she wanted to do the right things in the book, but her character was off just enough to keep me questioning her.Laurel s parents were a mess Both had ulterior motives and neither one seemed fit to be parents I enjoyed their characters, because I enjoyed disliking their characters Some people should not be parents.Watching the investigation play out was fascinating I honestly had no idea which direction the book was going to go and was pleasantly surprised by the ending It s not what I was expecting And that s a good thing I love when thrillers surprise me.The audiobook s narrator did a fantastic job She had a pleasing voice and injected the right amount of emotions throughout the book.If you re fan of audiobooks, I highly recommend you check out Have You Seen Her by Lisa Hall You won t be disappointed Thank you to HarperCollins for providing an audiobook copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    I normally dont like to read books about missing children, but I make the exception when it s by an author I admire I ve been hooked on Lisa s books since the release of Between You and Me Have you seen her centres around Laurel, who goes missing on Bonfire night when being looked after by her nanny, Anna The disappearance of the girl highlights problems and untruths, allowing suspicion to grow 3 stars

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