Free ↠ Roads from the Ashes: An Odyssey in Real Life on the Virtual Frontier By Megan Edwards –

Free ↠ Roads from the Ashes: An Odyssey in Real Life on the Virtual Frontier By Megan Edwards –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 210 pages
  • Roads from the Ashes: An Odyssey in Real Life on the Virtual Frontier
  • Megan Edwards
  • 09 May 2018

Roads from the Ashes: An Odyssey in Real Life on the Virtual FrontierWhen A Wildfire Destroyed Her Home And Worldly Possessions In The Hills Above Los Angeles, It Didn T Take Megan Edwards Long To Recognize An Opportunity It Took Her Husband A Little Longer Give Me Five Minutes To Grieve , But They Were Both Soon Planning To Make The Most Of Their Sudden Stufflessness And Hit The Road They Did So A Few Months Later In A Freshly Built Four Wheel Drive Motorhome That Was Even Unusual Because Of The Office In The Back Instead Of A Bedroom This All Happened Back When Internet Had Not Yet Entered The Lexicon But Email Had The Mobile Office Would Allow Edwards To File Stories With The Newspapers She Wrote For By Cell Phone That Was The Idea, At Least At The Beginning Of 1994, Cell Service Was Patchy, Unreliable, And Expensive.They Also Thought They D Be Traveling For Six Months Or So, When, They Believed, They D Settle Down And Get Back To Normal But Five Years And Thousands Of Miles Later, They Were Still On The Road In That Time, They D Watched The Internet Grow From A Mysterious Fad Prized By People In Remote Locales Into An Unstoppable Universal Phenomenon They Started A Website,, To Share Road Tripping Tips And Ideas Slowly, Their Dream Of Being At Work, At Home, And On The Road, All At The Same Grand Time Became A Reality.This Edition Marks The Twentieth Anniversary Of Edwards S Memoir, Which Was First Released In 1999 At Its Heart A Story Of Making Lemonade When Life Gives You Lemons, This Memoir Is Also A Riveting And At Times Hilarious Look At The Early Years Of The World Wide Web With A New Introduction By The Author And A Foreword By Chris Epting, Enjoy An Armchair Adventure Across North America When The Internet Was Young This Edition Also Includes 15 Photos Dating From When The Author Lived On The Road

About the Author: Megan Edwards

I live and write in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada I never dreamed I d call Sin City home, but when I arrived at the end of 1999 to do a little research for a book, I fell in love with the city beyond the neon and and never left Actually, I love the neon, too In fact, I m crazy about the whole place quirks, warts, super hot summers, and all I write about real life in the shadow of the Strip f

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    GNab Megan Edwards brings to us, in her memoir Roads from the Ashes, an excellent picture of California life in the 1990 s, the personal pain of losing all you possess in a single day, and the joys and angsts of following your heart down back country roads in a four wheel drive motorhome Too I found the outlines of various cities that I too knew and loved back in the day, and spent some sad time picturing them as they are now And I had forgotten the frustrations of early internet days That I wouldn t want to have to re live 2019 is just around the corner and maybe Jerry and I are ready for it Our backpacking days are over but maybe car camping isn t so plebeian after all The Phoenix One and the adventures of Mark, Megan and of course Marvin will keep you entertained for a couple of days and awake the slumbering traveler in your soul Snail travel but without below ground storage lockers and cabinets and coat closets Revcon is still making motorhomes but I didn t find anything like Megan s model I d always wanted to drive into the sunset with my bed on my back but not sure I m ready to do without at least some of my...

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    This work of Megan s is nothing short of marvelous Her command of prose, analogy, metaphor and association is Pulitzer level She digs into the depths of the ashes left by the fire and pulls out honesty in relationships, truths about character and truly divine inspiration for meaningful living all the while keeping me enthralled with fascinating pieces of American history and this beautiful land which is our REAL home B...

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    Another great memoir I truly enjoyed reading about Megan and Mark as they travelled in a souped up RV after losing their home and most of their possessions in a fire So many these days are ditching nearly everything and hitting the road, but it was a different world 20 years ago in the early days of the internet Fun read, especially for anyone who has ever dreamed of hitting the road full time.Thank you to Imbrifex Books and Netgalley for the opportunity to read this book in ...

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    Even if I didn t know the author shout out to Las Vegas Literary Ladies , this would be a captivating read I am afraid of fire, scared to even imagine losing my home, and absolutely petrified to be without my stuff But Megan uses what could have been the loss of a lifetime to reset priorities and reinvent herself This personal narrative is told in a series of short passages, each aptly titled to fit the theme of odyssey, and while not always chronological, they are always funny, or heartwarming, or introspective, or all of the above The challenges of online working and communicating in the early days of internet the virtual frontier are fun to read and reminisce about, but I really enjoyed the passages during which she details the difficulties of keeping a marriage on course while dealing with and driving through so many uncertainties Her descriptions of nature are riveting I can almost hear the honk of geese overhead as she recounts her experiences at a wetlands While I stil...

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    An interesting recent history road trip I enjoyed the road trip portion I was just starting college when the road trip was happening and was both on the cusp of this and not really aware of the bigger picture I found it an interesting story and I t...

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    An entire review can be found at In Pursuit of My Own Library.Megan Edwards s home caught on fire back when the internet was nothing but a fledgling idea With nothing to their name, she and her husband decided to buy an R.V and hit the road They didn t want the stereotypical experience of campers hauling themselves from state park to state park They wanted to work while exploring the United States.Megan recounts their adventures as they struck out on a road less traveled and made money doing it Megan and her husband pioneered a lifestyle that was little thought of in the 90s With that endeavor, they came across many challenges and plenty of frustrations Megan captures all the anxiety and pressure of living life off the beaten path, but she also has a way of capturing the humor that comes from failure.The most surprising part was all the interactions during their travels They really met the cr...

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