!!> Reading ➷ A Roman Holiday (Art Historian Superhero Series, #3) ➯ Author Rebecca Branch – Varunahuja.live

!!> Reading ➷ A Roman Holiday (Art Historian Superhero Series, #3)  ➯ Author Rebecca Branch – Varunahuja.live
  • Kindle Edition
  • 322 pages
  • A Roman Holiday (Art Historian Superhero Series, #3)
  • Rebecca Branch
  • English
  • 13 March 2019

A Roman Holiday (Art Historian Superhero Series, #3) This Is The Third Book In The Art Historian Superhero Series In Summer Of You Were Introduced To Max DuPont, A Young American Who Spends His Summers In Rome, Split Between Two Continents And Shared By Divorced Parents That Summer Max Had The Romance Of His Life And Was Introduced To The Mysteries Of Women By Molly, The Dream Lover Of Any Young Man, A Down On Her Luck Actress And Model Ten Years His Elder Theirs Was A Romance Which Defined Who They Were And Who They Were To BecomeSeven Years Later, In My Second Novel, Great Caesar S Ghost, Max Found Himself Again In Rome, This Time An Adult, Working On The Curatorial Staff Of The Metropolitan Museum Of Art Together With His Father Edward, An American Archaeologist, Max Discovered A Long Lost Treasure, The Personal Artifacts Of Gaius Julius Caesar Amongst The Relics Was A Ring Which Had The Ability, When Worn By One Of Caesar S Descendants, To Transport The Bearer To Any Time And Place Max Started His Journey To Uncover The Past And Ultimately To Visit With Caesar HimselfWaking From Her Near Death Experience, Having Survived The Sinking Of The Titanic, Sarah Goldsmith Sally Saves Max And Accompanies Him In His Travels Brilliant And Resourceful, A Harvard Educated Art Historian, She Awakens From A Frightening Era Of Anti Semitism To Champion The Fight Against Injustice, Intolerance And Barbarity In All Its Forms A Natural Feminist, Sally Finds Her Match In Max, And Two Lonely Lives Come Together As OneThis Third Novel In The Series Takes The Time Travelers From The Modern World To The Ancient Past Travel With Them To California In The Year To Gather Together Their Team And To New York In Where Max Lives His Current Life Visit Studio , The Court Of Theodoric The Ostrogoth In Rome In AD, And Be Present At The Epic Battle Of Alesia Where Caesar Battles The Gauls In BCUltimately A Love Story And Also A Tale Of Discovery And Self Awareness, Join Max As He Sheds The Loneliness He Has Endured Since His Teenage Years And Finds The Girl Of His Dreams Who Travels At His Side Then Be Prepared To Admit Within Your Circle One Of The Strongest And Most Attractive Characters I Ve Written Ambrosia, A Combined Product Of Apple And Google, And The Most Capable Heroine In This SeriesThese Are All Adult Books They Are Written For A Mature Audience, Suffused With Observations Of History, Art History, Roman Culture, Contemporary New York, And Many Other Locations They Are Also A Story Of Attraction, Commitment, Discovery And Self Awareness, Loss Of Innocence, Coming Of Age, Love And Lust They Are Often Erotic But Always Loving, Respectful Of Both Genders, Upbeat And Satisfying Although Adult Themes Abound, They Do Not Dominate, And These Books Are Romantic Time Travel Historical Fiction First And Erotic Adventures Second Come Along For The Journey In This Sequel To Great Caesar S Ghost

About the Author: Rebecca Branch

My name is Rebecca Branch and I live near New York City and am an architect by trade but an art historian by education My father was an American archaeologist and my mother an Italian Lady I grew up in Rome and New York, attending UC Berkeley for undergraduate work and Columbia for my Ph.D I worked as an assistant to the curator of Greco Roman arts at the Metropolitan Museum in my youth before

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    Rebecca Elizabeth Branch, is an author who continually amazes me in her abilities as a storyteller A Roman Holiday is her third book in a series which include Summer of 71 and Great Caesar s Ghost Now Roman Holiday can be read as a stand alone novel, but you get deeper insights into the characters and their backgrounds by reading the previous two which I gave well deserved five star reviews I encourage all you readers to buy her previous novels.Once again our protagonist Max DuPont, scholar, lover, adventurer and time traveler returns Max wants to do than just read about history and tell others about the implications of history on all our lives he wants to actually experience it and therefore gleam greater knowledge In his travels he has two very willing partners eager to share in his visits to other times and places The three of them are venturing somewhat into the unknown and do not know what possible ramifications that could arise from their time travels.Mrs Branch has written a taut, intriguing, well paced story that doesn t give you a chance to breath in some parts But like the best storytellers, she knows how to ease up on the accelerator and let us take a pleasant drive through the countryside allowing our four main characters a chance to kick back, relax and enjoy the scenery Ah I hear you saying to yourself A fourth character Who could that possibly be I m afraid you are going to have to read this brilliant novel to find out Suffice to say this character plays a very important role for Max and his two intrepid friends Again the depth and breadth of her knowledge is on full display here It is no wonder that Mrs Branch is a frequently requested lecturer at such prestigious institutions as the Metropolitan Museum in New York City and important venues such as Rome and other places worldwideIn case you are wondering the eroticism is present here as in her other two stories, but it is of an important and savory spice rather than a main entree At its basic heart even with all the time travel and history, A Roman Holiday is a terrific and wonderful love story It is a love story all of us want to have in our lives It is not just a love story between individuals but a love story for all of humanity A love story that encompasses the rainbow of the human race Mrs Branch encourages us all to love who we want to love Do not let superficial things such as race, ethnicity or gender act as a hindrance in that love What a wonderful sentiment that we should all live our lives by.Mrs Branch is increasingly becoming a name that should be recognized by the public at large She has much to give to us in her stories and writing abilities And I get the sense there are many arrows in her quiver that she has to shoot in terms of storytelling A Roman Holiday gets five stars from this very pleased reader Mrs Branch, I m insatiable and eagerly await your next effort Many thanks to you.

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    A RomanHoliday, by Rebecca Branch.If you like time travel novels, meeting and interacting with great historical figures, and participating in world changing events, this book is a doozy.After reading it I was overwhelmed by two major impressions First, the love story between an AI, a robot named Ambrosia, and Caesar is compelling than the affair between Caesar and Cleopatra It is unforgettable, as well, for the new ground it breaks in fictional man machine relationships.Second, Rebecca Branch s description of a key Roman battle the battle of Alesia which literally shaped the western world, is breathtaking In the modern world who has ever heard of the Battle of Alesia Perhaps a few esoteric scholars and military historians But our western world was literally shaped by the Battle of Alesia It set in motion the future of France, England, Germany, and the whole European and Mediterranean world Caesar wrote a famous book called De Bello Gallico as a result of it, and today that book is still a model for military reporting.It is this juxtaposition of futuristic ideas and historical accuracy that makes Branch s writing so compelling She is very modest about it, but it is a skill that is rare among art historians and all the precious because of that.Her description of the battle and the military tactics that allowed Caesar to snatch victory from the jaws of near certain defeat he was facing a huge army far greater than his own is as real and horrifying as the descriptions of World Wars I and II Yet she manages to weave through it the story of time travellers Max DuPont, Sally Goldsmith, and near human Ambrosia like pearls on a bloody necklace They play no part in the actual battle, but they are there and reporting on it.That part of the book is remarkable enough but Roman Holiday is also the story of how Ambrosia, a disembodied AI in an iPhone, was given a near human body that is so perfect only the scientists at Google know for sure That story is also believable It s happening now in labs throughout the world What amazes me is that Rebecca is not a tech genius So many time travel novels get bogged down in endless scientific descriptions of how robotics, time machines, etc., etc., work There is none of that mindless technical detail in this book Oh, there is a certain amount of it But it never dominates the thrust of the action, and instead of bewildering readers with endless justifications for her premises she just forges ahead until you find yourself nodding and saying Yes That s how it will happen Or, in her case Yes, that s how it happened This book is the third in the Art Historians Super Heroes series There is one to come I can t wait to crack its pages I know whatever is in store for me it will be as surprising, loving, and fascinating as previous books have been.

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    Rebecca Branch outdoes herself in the third sequel to her Art Historian Superheros Series I did not want to put the book down Max, Sally and Ambrosia continue their time travelling adventures from 52BC to 2050 Rebecca is an expert in ancient history Her knowledge of the culture, clothing, daily life, furnishings, what the soldiers wore and weapons they carried, how defenses were setup in the battlefields, and the different methods used in fighting between the opposing armies was fascinating I know she teaches Roman history and art history and feel like one of her inspired students She weaves her storyline with the history of ancient Rome, in particular the Battle of Alesia between Julius Caesar s army and the Gallic armies led by Vercingetorix I found myself looking up terms that were being used to see what their meanings were and in the process learned a lot of interesting history during the time of 52BC This book has it all History, romance, erotism and adventure I couldn t wait to get to the last page but at the same time I didn t want it to end If you haven t read any of Rebecca s books a good start would be her memoir The Girl Who Fell Off the Turnip Truck and put a snap my garters which will give you an insight to the character s personalities in her books or the start of her Superhero books, The Summer of 71 Whichever book you choose, you will get to know the author intimately She s in every line and every word and you will wind up being swept into her circle of friends, imagination, passions and knowledge of so many things This author has lived one hell of a life.

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    Another Fantastic story by Rebecca BranchI just finished a Roman Holiday and I loved every page Becca takes you on a wild ride Thur time with max and sally and ambi you really need to read this book Thanks Becca it was a great story

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    Having read the first two novels in this series I was most anxious to read A Roman Holiday Third in the Art Historian Superhero series I was not disappointed This fast paced adventure had me captivated from start to finish The characters of Max and Sally I was already familiar with Ambrosia, the ever apologetic fembot, was a new revelation I fell in love with her and her Superwoman powers Since she had been recently constructed, everything is new to her, everything is a learning experience Max and Sally are very compassionate teachers and Ambi is welcomed as one of their family.Although time travel, ancient wars and historical fiction are the vehicles of these novels, the theme is unconditional love We grow with the characters and learn, with respect and acceptance racial, gender and sexual equality Molly and Max are philanthropists This, and the two previous books, are thoroughly captivating and leave one feeling good about the world Rebecca Branch is an acclaimed scholar familiar with touring visitors around Rome Join her and her characters in this fantastic adventure.

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    Having now read the three books in this series, in my opinion, this story is the best of the three I say that because I believe Rebecca is honing her skills both as a writer and storyteller, growing in stature and experience You may have met some of the characters previously if you haven t you should do so and experienced with them the joys and horrors of time travel Like me you will have succumbed with great pleasure to the erotic nature of Max s young adult life and his various partners Your imagination and your body will be regularly aroused by and with them all Life is changing for him as it inevitably does for everyone The realism is superb, mixed with the fantasy of taking not just your life but others too back and forth to many different times You will say once again Yes, I would have done that but you can t Only by letting your imagination run with the story can you view history at close quarters A Roman Holiday will do just that And just when you think you know what is happening next wham, there s a new twist and a question left unanswered a lead to her next book Thank you once again Rebecca

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