[PDF] ✪ Look Away ✬ Billy Roper – Varunahuja.live

[PDF] ✪ Look Away  ✬ Billy Roper – Varunahuja.live
  • Paperback
  • 118 pages
  • Look Away
  • Billy Roper
  • English
  • 04 May 2018
  • 9781514712405

Look Away In Look Away, An Alternate History Of The Civil War , History Hangs By A Thread A Single Moment Can Create Ripples Which Change Everything What If Mary Todd Lincoln Had A Bad Night S Rest A Harsher Emancipation Proclamation Causes Slave Revolts, Reprisals, And A Different End To The South S Invasion Of Pennsylvania Intervention By European Powers On Both Sides Of The Conflict Transform The American Civil War Into The Great War, With Global Repercussions For Everyone Involved

About the Author: Billy Roper

Billy Roper is a former high school and junior high History, Civics, Economics, and Geography teacher He has been a candidate for public office, an internet radio and tv talk show host,and a lifelong political activist, leader, and spokesman Mr Roper has a Bachelor s degree in History and Political Science and a Master of Liberal Arts degree in History with a specialty in Anthropology He curre

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    Okay.spoiler alert, then, since you asked.The long, gaunt body shook as another spell of the nerves wracked through his limbs This war had aged him than the mere pressures of office alone Spidery fingers rubbed at the pain behind his eyes Even worse were his personal issues His head agued, but he was almost to the end of the tedious document Seward had sent over as a political necessity The draft went on And I hereby enjoin upon the people so declared to be free to abstain from all violence, unless in necessary self defense and I recommend to them that, in all cases when allowed, they labor faithfully for reasonable wages Their embarrassing defeat at what people were calling the Second Battle of Bull Run was still headline news in all the Northern papers The President wondered if there would be a third His army had retreated to the suburbs of Washington City, and he d relieved General Pope of his command, in frustration Too many newspapers were calling for peace He was going to shut some of them down, as an example, arrest the editors, and suspend habeas corpus in order to get control of the disloyal elements in the nation The Union must be preserved, at all costs If the first battlefield reports he had received from Antietam were correct, McClellan may have driven Lee out of Maryland, and bought him some time But time to do what So many dead, already So many.He remembered his own words, freely given before the rebellion I will say here, while upon this subject, that I have ...

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    NOT JUST A CIVIL WAR NOVEL OR ALTERNATE HISTORY, September 12, 2016This review is from Look Away an alternate history of the Civil War Kindle Edition I downloaded a sample of this novel because of my interest in the American Civil War The description of the book sounded as though it might be a good alternate history but it is not just a novel All most reasonable people need to know about this novel is in the author s introduction Look Away By Billy Roper Dedicated to the patriots of Stormfront for their inspiration, encouragement, and ideas Stormfront is a neo Nazi white supremacist group Examining some of Mr Roper s other writing makes it obvious that he subscribes to that ideology and wr...

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    Billy Roper is a good honorable patriot and a darn good author I have read all of his books and will continue to support him in the future I am not a very big fan of fiction and especially alternate history fiction but this was a very satisfying book All of his books are page turners and I look forward to the next If Dr William Luther Pierce was alive today I am sure that he would proudly publish Billy Ropers books through the defunct National Vanguard Books under the auspices of the National A...

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    One of the best alternative history books I ve read on that period If only it were so.

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    What a ride.This is one of the most detailed novels that I have ever read The battlefield scenes were so detailed that the reader would feel like he was there It is amazing to read and wonder what if.

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    Mr Roper engages in a lot of Christian bashing in order to write this novel which has a lot of historical inconsistencies Don t call it Alt History if you re going to go so far off the tracks that you might as well rename the planet.

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