!!> Reading ➶ Clear Lies (Jacob Rohn #3) ➮ Author R.A. Quinn – Varunahuja.live

!!> Reading ➶ Clear Lies (Jacob Rohn #3)  ➮ Author R.A. Quinn – Varunahuja.live
  • Kindle Edition
  • 178 pages
  • Clear Lies (Jacob Rohn #3)
  • R.A. Quinn
  • English
  • 15 July 2017

Clear Lies (Jacob Rohn #3) The Third, And Much Anticipated, Book In The Lies Series By R A Quinn Is Here Clear Lies Delves Deep Into The Past Of Alaska Lawman Jake Rohn, And Answers All The Questions Surrounding Jake And Those Who Continue To Cross Paths With Him Jake Simply Wants To Take A Few Days Of Rest And Relaxation In Stunning Valdez, Alaska, With His Amazing Wife But It Turns Out That Rest And Relaxation Is Far Removed From The Agenda That Life Throws Rohn S Way Excitement And Murder Are Packed In The Pages Of This Well Conceived And Fast Paced Murder Mystery Follow Right Along With Jake Rohn As He Tackles A Rash Of Inexplicable Crimes While Learning About His Past Than He Ever Imagined

About the Author: R.A. Quinn

R A Quinn is a retired Alaska State Trooper Currently he resides in Colorado with his wonderful family.

10 thoughts on “Clear Lies (Jacob Rohn #3)

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    LiesMr Quinn should write about Jacob Three books were not enough After all Jacob is now a trooper with the state It was both exciting and dramatic and I would read about Jacob, if possible Good for you, Mr Quinn.

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    Clear Lies is the 3rd in a series of excellent police based novels set in stunning Alaska.What I enjoy abut this author is that he tells the story at a cracking pace, while not neglecting to add enough detail to excite us about the State he obviously loves and knows inside out This book had me rushing off to google maps and pinterest to learn about the location of Valdez.This book gives Detective Jake Rohn a chance to settle some old scores and put demons to rest in no uncertain terms.The picture perfect, fishing port town of Valdez is the backdrop for this action packed crime drama, A skeleton, dubbed by the cops as The Scandinavian Goddess based on facial reconstruction a drug Lord two dead hookers and a lover s tiff that results in a gay man...

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    Clear lies is a great readGood read Involved and intertwined stories made it very interesting and kept my attention Great way to wrap up the trilogy.

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