[Ebook] ↠ Game Over (Ragnarok on Ice, #3) Author Jeremy Croston – Varunahuja.live

[Ebook] ↠ Game Over (Ragnarok on Ice, #3)  Author Jeremy Croston – Varunahuja.live
  • Kindle Edition
  • 232 pages
  • Game Over (Ragnarok on Ice, #3)
  • Jeremy Croston
  • English
  • 01 August 2017

Game Over (Ragnarok on Ice, #3) Yggdrasil, The World Tree, Provides The Backdrop To The Final Act Of Our Story Tensions Have Reached The Point Of No Return In The Realms Odin, Acting In What He Believes Is The Best Interest Of Everyone, Has Sentenced Jack To Exile The Dark Elves Are In A Fury Over His Choice And Are Beginning To Rally The Rest Of The Races Towards A Coup D Tat Of The Allfather Meanwhile, Rumil Has Gone Against Everyone S Wishes And Is On Her Way To Gandvik, The Prison That S Holding Jack, To Break Him Out Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned Jack Is About To Give Up The Cold, Wet Air Of The Tower He S Locked In Has Worn Him Down To The Brink In His Moment Of Despair, He Is Rescued By The Most Unlikely Of Allies The Norns Themselves Brought To Their Home, The Well Of Fates, Jack Learns So Much About Himself, His Inheritance From His Father, And What The Future Holds Most Shocking However Is What And Who Must Be Sacrificed To Prevent The End Of All The Realms Everything That Has Happened Is Leading Up To One Singular Moment The Final Battle At The Base Of Yggdrasil The Dark Clouds Of Ragnarok Loom High And The Fimbulvetr Is In Full Swing Freyja Holds All The Keys, Waiting For The Opportune Moment To Free Surtr, The Burning Sword With So Much Against Them, Can Jack, Rumil, And The Rest Of Their Allies Rally For One Last Victory Or Has Freyja Finally Put Together A Team That No One Can Defeat Find Out In The Final Act Of The Ragnarok On Ice Trilogy Reviews Of Game Over Act Yggdrasil Action You Got It Game Over Brings The Pain Numerous Times With Each Encounter With Each Turn Of The Page, I Began To Wonder If All Of My Friends Would Survive What I Like About Jeremy S Story Is There Aren T Evil Villains, Just Misguided People Edition Notes Includes Both Face Off And Game Over Words Reedited By EG Editing Service Updated Cover Art Work Included By Marc Wondolowski Author Notes If You Have Already Started The Series And Need One Of The Companion Novellas Blood And Arrows, Hat Trick, Or Face Off , Please Email Me At JECebooks Gmail And I Would Be Glad To Send You The PDF Copy

About the Author: Jeremy Croston

I live in Orlando, FL with my wife, son, and dog Writing has always been a passion of mine and I am happy to bring my crazy visions life Check out Ragnarok on Ice Norse adventures trilogy , The Inglewood Chronicles a supernatural mystery series , and The Negative Man a superhero action series at your convenience

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    I normally don t write reviews for books, but seeing as how this series has changed my life too, I ll share my thoughts with you First off, let me be upfront and tell you I m Jeremy s wife Stephanie With that out of the way, I can give you my honest feedback.When I found Jeremy s old notebooks and told him to publish his stories, I didn t know he would drag me into the process, but I eventually got recruited When he asked me to read Power Play, I was skeptical, as who wants to read about a hockey player Well I sucked it up and started reading The characters of the series soon became like friends to me I wanted to know about Jack and Rumil s relationship, hear snarky banter from Garm the hellhound, and see those arrogant light elves get what was coming to them.Game Over is the last book of the series, which made me a bit sad With each page I began to wonder if all my friends would survive the adventure Danger is everywhere and in all forms We meet the heavily talked about Norns, we learn about Odin s past, and we found out things aren t nearly as neat as prophecies make them out to be.I give Game Over five stars and don t think I m biased, I gave Hat Trick three because it lacked pace as it was everything I had wanted and I don t know if Jeremy will ever revisit this world again, but if not, the ending was worth it Steph

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    As Jeremy say s in the description, this is the end of the road for Jack and his friends For some reason, this series really stuck with me and the last book in the series was like the cherry on top Jeremy really tightened up his dialouge exchanges and transitions between chracter POV s.The start of this book takes place during the same time frame as Face Off We learn so much at the start and get a good glimpse at the tone Jeremy is trying to set Jack and Rumil have a very long and hard road ahead of them, with danger coming from all sides The thing about Jeremy s story is there aren t truly any evil villians, like misguided people who won t stop at anything to execute their plans Even Freyja, who by now is the established antagonist for the series, isn t necessarily evil She was misguided in her upbringing and she truly feels she is doing what needs to be done to make the realms right.Action You got it Game Over brings the pain numerous times with each encounter leaving you a bit on edge as you have to wonder how many times our beloved characters will survive What I enjoy about the battle scenes is they are short and sweet with usually a unique twist That being said, sometimes they do feel a bit rushed, but that s been the same through out the entire series.The book finishes with a ending that leaves no questions The series is over and I get the feeling this will be our last ride with Jack I did enjoy the unique way Jeremy ended the book and it was a moment that really made me smile.This book is worth the 5 stars I m giving it Like i said, there s something about this series that really grabbed me and I was a willing passenger on Jack s story Thanks for the memories and I can t wait to share these books with my son when he gets a bit older.

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    What a set up to the finish We re back to Rumil s POV as she is going after Jack following the events of Penalty Kill Freyr and her dark elf friend Ustin join the party, as does a new character that is pretty awesome Along hte way we meet quite a few characters that offer up a lot to the story, including Odin s brother.I m really excited to see how the series wraps up, as Jeremy does call this the penultimate story in the series I ve grown to really like all the characters and here we are at the end of the series This is a well written and exciting short story and for me it did the job Set up the big finish

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    I loved reading Face Off from Rumil s point of view, and this book helped us to see how strong Rumil s love for Jack is This book helped set up what is to come, and I can t wait to read the next step of their journey

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