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  • Broken Minds
  • Nicki Rae
  • 15 October 2019

Broken Minds For The Last Twelve Years I Ve Lived In Fear Fear Of Touch, Fear Of Love, Fear Of The Dark Without The Moon But The Letter I Just Received Could Put An End To It All But Not Before Pushing Me To The Edge One Time Twelve Years Ago My Life Was Stolen From Me My Heart Led Me To A Place I Never Should Ve Been Because My Mind Didn T Know Any Better Before That Day, I Was Carefree And Happy I Was Excited About The Future A Future That Was Blossoming With Each Passing Day A Future With Trevor My Best Friend And My New Love But What Stood Before Us Would Break Anyone, And What I Didn T Know Was That It Had Already Broken Him We Would Be Held Captive For Ninety Days We Weren T Allowed To Think On Our Own, Breathe On Our Own, Or Speak On Our Own Our Minds And Bodies Were Pushed To The Edge And Eventually Broke By The End Of Our Ninety Days, We Were Both Lost Inside Ourselves, But Bound To One Another Even Though Trevor Smiled Every Day, His Will Was Broken, His Soul Was Sucked Dry, And His Mind Was Cracking With Each Passing Day But On This Fateful Day, I Finally Understood Why His Smile Was Sad Because Mine Was Also My Name S Keda Spencer And This Is My Story Of Survival, And The Road That Led To It Warning This Novel May Cause Triggers And Is Meant For Readers Years Of Age And Older

About the Author: Nicki Rae

Nicki is the author of Lather and The Perfection Series Damaged and Resisting Perfection She is a born Buckeye turned Hoosier who loves to spend time with her family Along with being an avid reader, she also loves animals and the Indianapolis Colts You can also find information about Nicki Rae on Facebook at

10 thoughts on “Broken Minds

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    This was all over the map Keda and Trevor endured 90 days of torture together, and the story alternates between past and present and sometimes switches POVs between Keda and Trevor.It starts with Keda, 12 years after she and Trevor escaped She s been trying to get on with her life She has a job and boyfriend, but she suffers from endless anxiety attacks still and misses Trevor Everything hits her hard when she receives word that her attacker will finally be executed for his crimes.Again, this switches from past to present a lot, including the notes Trevor wrote to her while the were being held together The slightest thing for her triggers a panic attack, and she pukes A lot I felt like she was constantly vomiting in this book Keda s character was exhausting to read While I felt sorry for her, it was a lot of talking and inner monologue about how much she struggled coming to terms with what happened It s been 12 years, and she s made little to no progress She also kept talking about how much she needed Trevor, how much she missed him, but she made zero attempt in that time to seek him out, sooooTrevor, when he did reappear, was another confusing point for me The things he said, the way he behaved just didn t make sense to me The whole story just seemed disjointed The ending actually made the most sense, but then an epilogue to make it all rainbows and unicorns HEA was tacked on, and I was shakin my head again

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    This book wasn t a good match for me I like dark and emotional reads that deal with trauma but the style of this one just didn t work for me I felt that way too much time was spent in K s head listening to her inner ramblings, which were very repetitive I would have like to have seen time spent on the actual captivity, escape and healing I also was really bothered by what struck me as inconsistencies in K s anxiety and behavior I do get that anxiety is multi faceted and can come out in many different ways in different people But the description of her anxieties didn t match her behaviors or attacks For example, view spoiler K works in a hospital with the public seemingly with no issues but she can t handle meeting new people, as illustrated in her panic attack at meeting a colleague of her boyfriend s at an important party for him There is a lot of book space going over how she can t be touched even to shake hands yet she has a sexual relationship hide spoiler

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    DNF May pick up laterThe writing style just didn t hook me and at about 10% I just felt too much action took place before the book and didn t connect with the flashback style.

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    I received an ARC to give an honest review.Wow this was a very powerful story that goes between Keda and Trevor and what they went through captured and how they are dealing with life now This story broke my heart because these two kids had things done to them that should have never happened but overtime we see how both attempt to cope Keda deals with so much that she can t have a normal relationship and her heart will always belong to Trevor We don t see how Trevor is until towards the end of the story and let me tell you my heart stopped for Keda and I said oh no The ending is a surprise one that I won t say anything about This is a must read for older folks It is dark, but we know with dark comes light The time frame was good and I didn t feel lost as we go from past to what led Keda being captured, to what is going on now within her life to the days leading up to the execution It all flowed really well I really like Keda as a character because she really seemed to want to get over what happened to her but we see it was a struggle It was good seeing a character not always be so tough when thrown into a horrible situation.There was one part within the story that I really liked A park without children is a sad place of misplaced slides and lonely swings When you walk up to an empty park, every swing, every set of monkey bars are staring at you, begging you to pick them and then grow sour as you walk to the swings I d guess the swings are the divas of the playground No matter a person s age, they will always swing I really enjoyed this author s writing story and how she can make me as a reader fall into her story and not put it down I plan on keeping my eye on her.

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    Child abuseThis was a good book I had no idea that it speaks on child abuse I felt really bad for Keada, her mind was truly broken I m happy that Trevor didnt die from the suicide They got their happy ending after all Wow. I m speechless..

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    Woah This book is intense, heavy, deep, dark, depressing, with a little light shining through The darkness and sadness of this book was surprising, I was not expecting such a heavy read At times, it was hard to read because of the tragic events that unfold before your eyes.The author, Nicki Rae, did an absolute phenomenal job writing this story It s very dark and tragic but feels pretty darn real As you read, the events and details are so realistic they will give you goose bumps on your arms and chills in your soul The details and descriptions are incredibly realistic and chilling They paint the picture for the past and the present They give you a glimpse of the hell that the Keda faced for three months and the prison she was in for the twelve years following.This was a good book and a good read It left me guessing and left me hoping I was wrong It s not one of those books that you read in a light fluffy mind frame It s a book that might take you down a rabbit hole and will make you think and might leave you kind of broken If you like dark heavy reads then this is absolutely the book for you.

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    Be warned this is not a romance This is disturbing memories of kidnapping, torture, physical and mental abuse.Two teens held against their will forced to submit to horrific demands.When the abductor is revealed it s even disturbing.Time lapses from present to past, a window of when and how Keda and Trevor met to that dreadful day of her abduction Not much time is spent as the atrocities the victim endured occurred rather snippets of memories 12 years has passed since the two escaped their confinement but the effects are everlasting.A reunion of sorts brings the two together where Keda must face herimmoral captor and Trevor must deal with the guilt that haunts him.I found it rather depressing even though a light shined at the endof the tunnel Even before the abduction the time they shared was kind of weird.I m not a fan of suspense or abduction so this wasn t for me.I picked this up on kindle unlimited so if you subscribe check it out.http amzn.to 2f1LTJo

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    Love it I couldn t put it down Was a though subject to write about but was done beautifully, can t Waite for .

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    This book was brilliant Lots of emotions but brilliant nonetheless The story centres on two victims , two survivors but they both handle their journey very differently Trevor and Keda, were held as prisoners for 90 days before escaping However it seems their fight for survival starts once they escape Initially I found myself to be really irritated with Keda because of the way she deals with things but as the story gets under way, the past is revealed and there is understanding her behaviour Trevor seems to be coping okay now but has he always coped, considering he suffered for much longer than her It s a powerful story, one of which is still playing on my mind now The emotions it stirred within me were actually shocking but despite that I enjoyed the book very much It was an easy read and the story flowed really well Whilst there wasn t any cliffhangers at the end of the chapters, I really wanted to carry on reading to find out Plus the chapters alternate between now and then so that s when the story unfolds.

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    I CAN NOT put this book down Love it

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