[Epub] ❧ Understanding The Lords Supper Author Bobby Jamieson – Varunahuja.live

[Epub] ❧ Understanding The Lords Supper  Author Bobby Jamieson – Varunahuja.live
  • Paperback
  • 80 pages
  • Understanding The Lords Supper
  • Bobby Jamieson
  • English
  • 07 November 2018
  • 9781433688959

Understanding The Lords Supper Why Did Jesus Give The Church A Meal To Eat TogetherThe Lord S Supper Isn T Just Something Churches Do Together, It S Something That Binds Us Together, Making Many Into One This Accessible Work Biblically Explains What The Lord S Supper Is, How It Relates To A Local Church S Life Together, Who Should Celebrate The Lord S Supper, And How We Should Approach It.

About the Author: Bobby Jamieson

Bobby Jamieson is a Ph.D student in New Testament and affiliated lecturer in New Testament Greek at the University of Cambridge He and his wife are members of Eden Baptist Church, and they live in Cambridge with their three children Bobby previously served as assistant editor for 9Marks.See also

10 thoughts on “Understanding The Lords Supper

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    A helpful little book I don t agree with a few of the theologically tenuous conclusions the author arrives at in the latter chapters but the writer s considerably less dogmatic tone was a clear improvement on the other Understanding books I ve read in the series Overall, very good.

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    This little book is a dynamite resource A great little book to give to members who want to look into communion.

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    I strongly dislike this book The author filled it with his own opinions frequently using phrases like, I think, and It seems to me that , instead of just teaching what the Bible actually says about the Lord s Supper And, one of his main arguments is that the Lord s Supper should only be celebrated within the context of a corporate gathering of the local church H...

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    The point of the Lord s Supper is the gospel The gospel frees us from sin The gospel reconciles us to God The gospel gives us God for our Father, Jesus for our elder brother, and all the saints as brothers and sisters The gospel ...

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    This is a good introductory text from a Calvinistic Baptist perspective I wasn t convinced of Jamieson s memorial view of the supper or his ecclesiology but his tone is charitable and he is striving to be consistent and I admire that.

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    A terrific concise guide to remind us of the importance of the Lord s Supper.

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    I LOVE this book.

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    The Christian life is a churched life This simple, yet profound statement under girds a new series of books Church Basics edited by Jonathan Leeman from BH This series is aimed at the average church member and each book addresses a specific part of church life of which every church member ought to be both knowledgeable about and involved in.Understanding Baptism answers basic questions like What is Baptism , Who Should be Baptized , and How Should Churches Practice Baptism This book, as well as all those in the series, are written, and thus the questions are answered, by those who take a Baptistic understanding of church government, baptism, and the Lord s Supper Even those Christians who have a different understanding of these church life issues will benefit from these books if they want to learn the other side and want to be challenged about their own position Leeman defines baptism as follows Baptism is a church s act of affirming and portraying a believer s union with Christ by immersing him or her in water, and a believer s act of publicly committing him or herself to Chr...

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    An outstanding book Such great content on the subject of the Lord s Supper in such a short book While I would definitely recommend this book for church members, it would also be of benefit to pastors, deacons, and elders The book does both an excellent job of explaining the meaning of this ordinance but also suggests some specific practices and considerations that are helpful in applying what the Bible teaches about the Lord s Supper Jameson is a Southern Baptist committed to Reformed theology, but I would think that this book would be helpful to individuals who are members of other denominational or non denominational churches that are Protestant, particularly those which are evangelical in nature Come to the Lord s Table is an update of Andrew Murray s meditations on the Lord s Supper, and is recommended for churchwide study as Spiritual preparation for the Church Transitional plan developed by LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention I bought Understanding the Lord s Supper as a supplemental text to read as I prepare to lead the Group Sessions of the study of Come to the Lord s Table at the church I presently serve as Pastor I don t regret this purch...

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