[ PDF / Epub ] ☂ Retribution Author David P. Forsyth – Varunahuja.live

[ PDF / Epub ] ☂ Retribution  Author David P. Forsyth – Varunahuja.live
  • Kindle Edition
  • 173 pages
  • Retribution
  • David P. Forsyth
  • English
  • 22 August 2017

Retribution Retribution Is A Stand Alone Novel Set In The Kindle World Of Steven Konkoly S Perseid Collapse Series With Introduction By Steve When America Is Hit With Combination Punches Of Massive Meteor Strikes And An EMP Attack, The USS Florida Is Safely Out In The Middle Of The Pacific Ocean The Captain And Crew Of This Nuclear Powered Guided Missile Submarine Soon Find Themselves In The Middle Of A Global Conflict Between China And The USA Their Mission Could Change Or Even End The World As We Know It Introduction By Steve Konkoly In The Perseid Collapse Series, The United States Takes A Serious Beating At The Hands Of The People S Republic Of China Not Until Book Four, Do Readers Catch A Glimpse Of The Tables Turning A Small, But Satisfying Look At America Striking Back When I First Spoke With David About Writing In The Perseid Collapse Kindle World, I Knew He Was In The Middle Of Writing A Story Set Onboard A Submarine And That David Was The Author To Bring America S Fight To The Chinese When I Gave Him A Small Sneak Peek At Dispatches, Book Four In My Series, He Saw The Same Thing It Was The Perfect Opportunity To Expand An Unexplored Storyline, Taking Full Advantage Of David S Strength And Experience As An Author David Has Made A Career Writing Bestselling Stories Based On The High Seas He Continues The Tradition With Retribution, A High Speed Story About The USS Florida, A Nuclear Powered Submarine Sent On The Ultimate Mission To Avenge America As A Former Naval Officer, I Thoroughly Enjoyed David S Hard Hitting Story, And I Know You Will Too America Is Not Out Of The Fight

About the Author: David P. Forsyth

David P Forsyth holds a masters degree in international relations and has pursued diverse interests and career paths He is a licensed pilot and certified scuba diver An avid reader of sci fi, action adventure, techno thriller, horror, fantasy and apocalyptic fiction, Mr Forsyth s professional endeavors have ranged from higher education to international trade, from travel marketing to charter a

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    What a great story Very engrossing and well written This is the first book I have read by this author, and I like his writing style This book is a shorter book that goes along with the Perseid Collapse series, by author Steven Konkoly I have read two of the four books in that main series, and this side story got me interested in now going back and finishing that series The whole thing in this and the original series takes place after an apocalyptic disaster strikes the US, with an electromagnetic pulse EMP knocking out all electrical items, basically sending the mainland back 100 years in time This book follows the crew of a US submarine, that was stationed in Hawaii when the event occurred Since they were in the middle of the Pacific they were not affected by the EMP, but they are all worried about their friends and family in Washington and California They are also then put into service to serve Retribution on those who helped cause the disaster I was amused by how many mentions offices, kindle e readers, and Kindle Fires received in this book Did pay a commission for all this product placement LOL Though I did read the book on my own kindle e reader, so who am I to talk Now I want to go read the final two books in the original series by Steven Konkoly, as this ...

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    YAYYYYY Another editing project is now a published book

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    EnjoyedThe best of both worlds I enjoy military and end of world reading This fit the bill for me , perfectly.

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    David Forsyth presents another view into the Perseid Collapse series and does he deliver Unbelievably intense with an incredibly addictive pace I could NOT put it down and annihilated it in ONE night The book follows Captain Sean McMillan of the formidable USS Florida I ve never been near or even on a submarine, but I feel like I have now The story immerses you in the environment and leaves you breathless with a fantast...

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    Pretty good readI want to read about this post apocalyptic world I want to know about different parts of it and not just Maine or Bangor Different nations and continents will have different experiences.

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    Another good storyThe author packed a lot of adventure into this story It could have been longer but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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    Great book Very thrilling, I highly recommend this one

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