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  • Paperback
  • 140 pages
  • Mailbox
  • Nancy Freund
  • English
  • 07 October 2017
  • 9780988708488

Mailbox Deep, Delightful, And Compulsively Readable It S 1976 The USA Turns 200 While Scrappy Agnostic Sandy Drue Turns 10, Finds An Electric Typewriter In Her Father S Office, And Begins Turning Out Page After Page On The Conflicting Demands Of Burgeoning Adolescence And Her Own Quiet Search For The Meaning Of Life The Result Is A Beguiling Collection Of Loosely Linked Short Stories And Vignettes, Gathered By A Now 13 Year Old Sandy Into An Unconventional Novel Structured Like A Blog, Long Before Blogging In The Wake Of The Watergate Scandal, American Society Is In A State Of Bewilderment, The Economy Is Fragile, And Sandy S Friends Are Secretly Reading Judy Blume Against Their Mothers Warnings The Drue Family Has Moved From New York To Small Town USA Where Sandy And Her Brother Try To Find Their Way To Fit In What They Find Instead Is Something Ultimately Valuable Mailbox Is An Unusual Mother Daughter Love Story That Is Both Hopeful And Heartbreaking Profound And Good Fun.

About the Author: Nancy Freund

Nancy Freund is a writer, editor, speaker, prior English teacher, and mentor Born in New York, raised in Kansas City, and educated in Los Angeles, she was married in England, and today lives in French speaking Switzerland She is the author of Foreword Reviews finalist for Book of the Year in General Fiction and Category Finalist for the Eric Hoffer Prize Rapeseed, Gobreau Press, 2013 Global

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    Full disclosure I wrote this novel, so I better give it five stars Writing it was indeed a five star experience Taking my cue from Pulitzer prize winning writer and truly awesome human being, Robert Olen Butler, I let the dream of this novel roll out unimpeded and its editors evidently agreed In his excellent writers guide of transcribed lectures, From Where You Dream, Butler says Art does not come from the mind Art comes from the place where you dream Art comes from your unconscious it comes from the white hot center of you He follows with the encouragement to tell your mind to back the hell off That is his advice for writers, and I think it s also great advice for readers I m sure there s a continuum every writer navigates with their content prohibition to inhibition, a reluctant acceptance of permission, and ultimately a discovery of encouragement as the writing flows into true freedom of expression To the extent that M...

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    I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.I loved this book Sorry to be so bold, but it s the truth.Sandy Drue writes about her life, family and friends, and also of her beloved dog Barley Oh, how she wishes she were like Nancy Drew After all, their surnames sound the same, right Sandy s wisdom is charming The book takes us from when she is 8 9 years old until she turns 13 She s a young girl, but she s not cute or silly She s very smart and though a bit na ve she s a kid, after all she comes across as completely lovable There s nothing mushy about herNarrated in the first person, the book can be read as a series of short stories that weave into each other Maybe what got to me was that I felt my childhood and early adolescence were so much like Sandy s Though a few years older, the book took me back to a happy place, and I m so grateful to the author for this feeling.Nancy...

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    I received a copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review Actual Rating 2.75 This was a cute read I thought the story was interesting, and I thought Sandy was an interesting character to read She is very mature for her age, and I found that interesting as well, especially...

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    4.5 I won this book in a giveaway, two years ago And then my life got crazy busy and this book ended up just standing on my shelf Then, a few days ago, I finally remembered to read this and I actually had time The only thing I regret is not reading this book earlier, because it s just so cute The book is composed of 75 vignettes written bij Sandy Drue between ages 8 and 13 She writes about her life and everything that comes on her path Throughout these stories, she gains wisdom about life It almost reads as her diary sometimes parts seem irrelevant, but they are important to her That way, the reader can have a look in her daily life which mak...

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    Although I ve noticed that some reviewers tend to think that this book was a bit boring from time to time, for me it was just the right thing at the right moment Mailbox is beautifully written and somewhat resembles Are You There God It s Me, Margaret by Judy Blume but Sandy, the main character, has a lot courage and personality when compared to other teenage characters I ve come across over the years She s feisty and independent and knows right from wrong and won t let be taken down by the critiques of bullies at home I particularly enjoyed the relationship she had with her brother and parents up to the point I started wishing it would have been the same for me back when I was 13 There was a part where Sandy goes to a Haunted House along 13 other girls or so, and there s a creepy doctor that starts faking an experiment on one of Sandy s colleagues I LOVED...

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    I didn t really enjoy this book, and perhaps that was because it was from a child s perspective but I wasn t what I was hoping for I am again in the minority of this group because a lot of people liked it but it just wasn t good for me I think it s also to do with the time it is set in the 1970s and I m not a big fan of stories set in the mid 20th century I think the letters were a redeeming qua...

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    Rating 2.5 5 I received a free ecopy from the publisher, Gobreau Press LLC, via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Sandy Drue is a young girl living in 70 s America She has many unique experiences with her family, friends, and not so friendly people Whenever she experienced something she wanted to remember, she wrote it down and stored it in a box for when she would write her book That is exactly what this is the collection of Sandy s memories throughout her childhood put together by Sandy after her box was full at age thirteen We experience Sandy s life through snippets of moments where she ponders religion, friends, and life in general.I had never read a book like this before, so it was a unique experience for me Although this isn t really my style of reading, I still found it cute and somewhat enjoyable What I found most interesting is what it was like to be a kid in America in the 1970 s Both of my parents grew up outside of Canada USA so it was interesting learning how it was in America at the time, how the kids amused themselves, how they...

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    Originally posted to my blog received this book from the publisher on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Mailbox is a collection of short stories compiled by Sandy Drue who takes us through different moments in her life from the time she s seven I don t usually read stories like this because even though there s only one main character, it focuses on so many things and is in a way not consistent This story exceeded my expectations anyway and the writing style wasn t bad.I liked how these stories started fr...

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    Very enjoyable read Wise and witty words from a pre teenager in her search for what is right and wrong, in her search for God and making sense of what Life is all about She learns from her atheist and entrepreneuria...

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    I read this book and I was impressed by Sandy s wisdom at the end of each chapter or in between the lines When I first started reading it I read than one chapter Then I decided one chapter a day and maybe a pencil and a highlighter because each chapter had a valuable less...

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