Reading ➿ The Fish Author Dean Garlick –

Reading ➿ The Fish Author Dean Garlick –
  • Paperback
  • 162 pages
  • The Fish
  • Dean Garlick
  • English
  • 22 May 2017
  • 9780978485979

The FishPatrick Kaye Thinks He S Taking A Harmless Caribbean Cruise, A Well Earned Escape From His Day To Day Life As An Addictions Counsellor What He Gets Instead Is A Near Death Experience That Lands Him In The Belly Of A Mythological Beast The Very Same Creature That Swallowed Jonah Inside, He Encounters A Confounding World Populated By A Host Of Colourful Residents A 19th Century British Gentleman, A Pre Christian Icelandic Shaman, A Survivor Of The Biblical Flood, A Ukrainian Prostitute, An Asian American Stock Market Analyst, A Maori Warrior And A Sadistic Little Girl, To List A Few The Fish Explores Currents Of Contemporary Existence In A Realm Where The Brutality Of History Is Ever Present And The Will To Exist Is The Only Thing Keeping A Person From Fading Into Nothingness Can Patrick Accept This New Reality Can He Right The Wrongs He Sees Around Him Or Will The Call Of The Outside World Offer Enough Hope To Send Him Searching For A Way Home With Illustrations By Erik Volet

About the Author: Dean Garlick

Dean Garlick is a fiction writer living in Montreal His first novel, The Fish, was published in 2010 on Anteism Press It has been translated into French by Ren Daniel Dubois for Montreal publisher, Les Allusifs, and is set for release in fall of 2015 His novella, Chloes, was launched in Montreal at Drawn and Quarterly and in Toronto at Another Story Bookshop in spring of 2014.

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