[EPUB] ✶ Taboo Sex Stories ✻ Theresa Frost – Varunahuja.live

[EPUB] ✶ Taboo Sex Stories  ✻ Theresa Frost – Varunahuja.live
  • Kindle Edition
  • 178 pages
  • Taboo Sex Stories
  • Theresa Frost
  • English
  • 28 April 2019

Taboo Sex Stories A Compilation Of Five Taboo Erotica Stories By Theresa Frost, All Of Which Are Among Her Best Selling Titles Buy All Five And Save Over % Off The List Price None Of These Stories Are Found In Any Other Compilation Volume, However, They Are All Available For Sale Separately The Following Complete Books And Stories Are Included BAD BOY A CONFESSION OF TABOO SEX In This First Person Narrative, Julian Confesses That He Has Done A Very Bad Thing With His Nanny Just How Bad Is Open To Interpretation, But He Feels Extreme Guilt And Shame At What He Has Done When He Later Learns That Not Everything Is As It Appears, There Is A Brief Period Of Confusion Followed By All Of His Wildest Dreams Coming True BAD BOY A CONFESSION OF TABOO SEX Perpetual Loser Julian Is Back And Badder Than Ever Picking Up Where He Left Off In His First Confession, He Is Desperate To Recover From The Disaster That Happened Just Before High School Graduation How Far Will He Go To Get Back Into His Nanny S Good Graces, And Eventually Her Bed Beg And Plead For Her Forgiveness Fake A Job Injury Concoct A Bogus Diary But Of Course MILKING IN THE NAME OF HEAVEN Frankie S Father Joins A Christian Dating Site After His Divorce And Meets Madge, A Morally Conservative Hippie Who Believes Everything That Happens In Her Life Is God S Will When She And Frankie Are Stranded And She Accidentally Drinks What Little Water They Had, Obviously A Higher Power Wants Her To Feed Him In The Most Biologically Natural Way There Is EXTREME NANNY LOVE Gene Lives At Home With His Former Nanny While Saving Up Enough Money To Move Out On His Own The Two Have A Typical Relationship Until One Day She Indicates That She Wants To Have Sex They Begin A Torrid Affair That Lasts For Months Then Things Go From Awkward To Downright Bizarre Meanwhile Gene Keeps Asking Himself Why She Suddenly Changed And What Was Her Motivation For Seducing Him When Will It End, And How Much Will Their Lives Be Affected HEALING MAMMY Sammy S Nanny Has Been Afflicted With Migraine Headaches For Years She Went To Several Doctors, But None Could Figure Out Where They Came From Or How To Make Them Go Away A Day After Sammy S Father Leaves For A One Week Business Trip, She Gets One Of Her Migraines And Spends The Afternoon In Great Discomfort In Her Agony, She Confesses That The Temporary Cure She Found Involves Having Sex, And Asks Sammy To Accommodate Her The Following Contains Strong Adult Language And Is Intended For Mature Audiences Only All Characters Are Eighteen Or Older And Not Related Total Book Length , Words Note These Stories Were Modified In October To Conform To New Publishing Guidelines They Were Originally Released Under The Following Titles Bad Boy A Confession Of Taboo Sex, Bad Boy A Confession Of Taboo Sex, Milking In The Name Of Heaven Extreme Mother Love, And Healing Mom

About the Author: Theresa Frost

Theresa Frost is a thirty two year old legal assistant with dreams of writing a New York Times best seller someday Although she is an accomplished writer with several awards from college, her family would be surprised to know that she enjoys writing about taboo subjects as long as they are joyful and only involve happily consenting adults She lives in Upstate New York with her aging dog and ob

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