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[KINDLE] ❆ Shattered  Author Aubrey Coletti – Varunahuja.live
  • Paperback
  • 333 pages
  • Shattered
  • Aubrey Coletti
  • English
  • 02 September 2017
  • 9780615892702

Shattered School S In Session At J Alter Academy, And For Toni, Joseph, Ann, Charlie, And Their Boarder Friends, That Means They Are Still At The Mercy Of Its Draconian Ways While Suffering The Harsh Consequences Of Their Attempted Escape, The Seven Teens Must Also Contend With The Formidable Headmistress And Her Taste For Human Experimentation With The Boarders As Her Favorite Subjects The Seven Friends Play A Delicate, Dangerous Game As They Seek To Discover The Secrets Behind Their School And Their Own Unique Abilities Yet As They Move Closer To Uncovering The Truth, Will One Of Them Be Forced To Pay The Ultimate Price

About the Author: Aubrey Coletti

I am a twenty three year old songwriter, dancer, and author of the novels Altered, Shattered, and Evolved, in The Academy Series.

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    This review was first published to Bookish Ardour.I ve read my fair share of young adult fiction over the years, as an adult, and have to say I love it when I come across an atypical young adult story Stories can be dressed up with quirky characters and plenty of fanfare, but the basic premise is usually there Once you read enough you can t miss it, so when you get to read something with than quirky characters and fanfare, it s a treat.It has been some time since I read Altered and I dove straight into Shattered without re reading Altered Unfortunately my memory is not as fantastic as it used to be and my memories of Altered are on the vague side, but after a few chapters I was able to remember the characters and the horrible predicament they had found themselves in.Judging from memory, I believe the nature Vs nurture theory I was so in love with Altered is not as present in Shattered, but this is balanced out with a in depth view of the characters and the mysteries behind the school itself I m left wondering who to root for It s not that I don t want the main characters, the students, to get out and be free fro...

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    Sometimes sequels don t live up to what we expected this book is not one of those books Shattered picks up right where Altered left off and moves forward at a fast pace, so you better keep up because these kids have shit to get done Once again we are thrown into the world of some of my favorite troubled teens We get to know a little about them, some of their pasts and maybe even a deeper look into their personalities Can I just say that even though it totally sucks that it happened, I love the Antonie character and all his many personalities Oh, and Charlie Okay, who am I kidding, I love them all Each one has their own level of chaos and trials that they have to overcome and all the crap that the Academy throws at them But these kids are so damn resourceful Anyways, totally off track there wasn...

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    I was excited to see the sequel finally came out, and it was well worth the wait The premise for Coletti s books is unique, and the world building in this book made that universe feel complete and real As with Altered, the dialogue and characterizations are hilarious and feel very real some of my favorite scenes were the kids just bickering with each other The side characters are developed further, and we learn about the specific nature of some of the kids powers as well as their personal back stories, with one particularly unhappy reveal , and delve further into the purpose of the Academy and the people running it We get to see internal struggles between staff members with different g...

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    This book blew me away I loved Altered so much, I was worried that the sequel would let me down Shattered, however, did not disappoint at all In fact, it was even better than its predecessor The gripping story was still there, in the unable to put it down, fearing for the characters sort of way, perhaps even so than in Altered Another thing that blew me...

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    review pending

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